If you’re looking for a suitcase that will last, this product is definitely worth checking out. It’s priced affordably, yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel. In fact, it was designed specifically with comfort and convenience in mind!


✅ Bags are very lightweight and easy to carry.

✅ The bags have a lot of space, so you can put your things in it.


⭕ The material is not very good and it’s not durable.


✅  Lightweight, but also durable

✅  Plenty of room for all your stuff

✅  Easy to roll around and maneuver

✅  Elegant design that looks great in any setting.


⭕  Not as much compartments as other luggage.


✅ Expandable, so you can fit more stuff in the luggage

✅ The wheels are smooth and quiet

✅ Has an ID window on the back of the backpack

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✅ Has a dedicated space for your laptop and tablet


⭕ The handle doesn’t retract like other SwissGear luggage pieces


✅ The luggage is durable and well-made.

✅ It has many pockets and compartments to keep your belongings organized.


⭕ The luggage is very heavy, making it difficult to carry around.

Q. Does the black case come with a lock?

A. No, the black case does not come with a lock. The lock is sold separately, and it must be TSA-approved for use on your luggage, duffel bags, and backpacks.

Q. Is there a side handle as well as the top handle?

Yes, there is a side handle. It’s smaller than the top handle, so it’s not as comfortable to carry the suitcase by yourself. However, you can use this side handle to lift the case up when it’s on its side or even carry it around that way if you need to do so.

If you want to use an entire bag as luggage and not just travel with another piece of luggage inside a full suitcase, look for one that has two handles, one on each end. That way, you can pick up your bag from either side and use either the top or bottom as needed!

Q. Are there any other colors available for this suitcase?

Yes, there are several colors available for this suitcase. Any colors you find in the same line will be compatible with this model. You can check out the full selection of colors here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078W8MTZ5

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A. Yes, there are several other colors available for this suitcase, including brown and blue.

A. Yes, there are several other colors available for this suitcase, including brown and blue.

These can be found on the product page by clicking “View Sizes & Colors” at the very bottom of the page.

A. Yes, there is a side handle in addition to the top handle.

There is a left-side handle that makes it easier to pull the suitcase along a smooth surface. The side handle is made of plastic, and it can’t be retracted or covered in padding, so you’ll want to be careful when lifting your suitcase by this handle.

No, this product does not come with a lock. However, it can be locked with TSA-approved luggage locks, which are sold separately.

No, this product does not come with a lock. However, it can be locked with TSA-approved luggage locks, which are sold separately.

If you want to use TSA-approved luggage locks, please be aware that these locks are designed specifically for travel and should not be used on any other locks (like your home or office). If you’re looking for a more universal option, please check out our other products!

For those who’d prefer something not TSA-aapproved, we’ve got it! You can purchase a non-TSA-approved lock from Amazon in just one step just click “add to cart” below.

This suitcase has many features, including extra padding and an interior pocket for organization.

This suitcase is made of high-quality material that makes it durable and provides additional protection for your belongings. It also has extra padding to keep whatever you put in there safe. The suitcase is lightweight and easy to carry, so even if you’re going on a long trip, traveling with this suitcase will be comfortable and convenient.

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Although this luggage set may seem small at first glance, its large main compartment can hold way more than most people expect! The interior pocket lets you organize all your belongings efficiently so that they don’t end up getting lost or jumbled together in one big mess.

Another thing about this bag that we really like is its telescoping handle, which folds down when not in use but extends out when needed for added length so that users can grab onto the top of their bags without having any issues lifting them up by their handles (which could get rather difficult when dealing with bulky bags). Also included are side handles; these are useful for making sure passengers have more control over where their luggage ends up during flight delays or other situations where handling becomes difficult because transportation isn’t working as planned.



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