In today’s world, technology has made its way into almost every aspect of our lives, including travel. Smart carry-on luggage is an innovative and convenient option for tech-savvy travelers who want to stay connected on the go.

The best smart carry-on luggage features advanced technology such as GPS tracking, built-in charging ports, and Bluetooth connectivity, making it easy to keep track of your luggage and stay connected while on the move. Smart carry-on luggage should also be durable, lightweight, and spacious, with features such as spinner wheels and TSA-approved locks.

With a variety of options available, choosing the right smart carry-on luggage can be overwhelming. However, investing in a high-quality smart carry-on luggage can make your travel experience more efficient and enjoyable. In this introduction, we will explore some of the key features to look for when choosing the best smart carry-on luggage and why it’s a popular choice among tech-savvy travelers.



✅ Hardshell, lightweight suitcase

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✅ TSA lock and 4 piece set

✅ Spinner wheels for easy maneuverability


⭕ May be too small for some people



✅ The suitcase is very lightweight.

✅ It’s durable and sturdy

✅ It’s easy to maneuver


⭕ The luggage doesn’t have a lot of space inside



✅ Expandable, so it can grow as you do

✅ Large interior compartment with dedicated laptop pocket and plenty of room for travel items

✅ Softside design makes it easy to pack and unpack

✅ TSA approved lock for security on the go


⭕ A bit more expensive than other similar products



✅ Very durable, with a hard outer shell that protects the contents from damage.

✅ Expands with a zipper to make packing easier.

✅ Multiple pockets and compartments for organizing your belongings.


⭕ Expandable feature may be too large for some users’ needs.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to travel with a smart suitcase. You want to avoid check-in fees, but you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way to charge your phone or watch.

You want your luggage to be easy to find when it comes out on the baggage carousel, and you’re running around like a madman trying not to miss the flight home.

You’d like a bag that keeps track of itself so that if it gets lost and then found again, it can send its location back via GPS and save you some hassle at an airport lost luggage counter I’ve been there too many times!

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What should I look for in a carry-on bag?

You need a carry-on bag that will fit within the dimensions of the standard overhead compartment. The most important factors to consider when choosing one are size, weight, and wheels.

Your carry-on bag should be lightweight but not too light you don’t want it to weigh less than its contents! It’s also helpful if it has wheels attached, so you can roll it easily through the airport without having to carry it.

Additionally, some bags have handles on top or sides for carrying by hand; others have a strap over the shoulder so you can wear them as backpacks while walking around town after checking in at your hotel or Airbnb apartment (or as you head out exploring).

Think about what kind of laptop compartment works best for you: some offer sleeves or pockets specifically designed for laptops, while others use compartments that accommodate different sizes but leave room enough inside that nothing gets crushed during travel.

Organizational features include things like pockets on both sides where smaller items can be safely stored away from larger ones (for example, keys versus sunglasses). Some models even come with zippers so everything stays secure when zipped shut this is especially good if there aren’t any other compartments available inside either!

One thing worth considering is waterproofing some bags offer protection against spills, while others don’t seem quite right since liquids could ruin electronics inside, such as cameras, etcetera.

What makes the Bluesmart One so smart?

The Bluesmart One is smart in that it tracks your luggage using Bluetooth technology so you always know where it is.

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This feature allows for a few perks, like being able to lock and unlock your bag from anywhere in the world, as well as getting notified when it’s low on battery. However, one of the most important features is that the TSA will be able to see through its transparent shell and screen any luggage inside for security purposes.

The Bluesmart One also has a small power bank built into it with enough juice to charge your device up to three times before needing to be recharged itself; this means no need for bulky external batteries!

With water-resistant properties and smart charging capabilities (which means you’ll get more out of each charge), this smart suitcase has everything you’d want in an airport companion!

To learn more about this new product or to purchase one of your own today, visit our website at

Does it have a TSA-compatible lock?

Yes, it has a TSA-compatible lock. The lock can be opened with a TSA-approved key, and there is also a digital lock that can be unlocked with an app. The lock is not compatible with ANSI locks.

What if my suitcase gets lost?

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your Bluesmart bag has been lost, we will do everything in our power to help you locate it. If at any point during the trip, you are unable to locate your bag and need assistance, please e-mail us immediately at [email protected] with as many details about when and where the bag went missing as possible. We’ll use this information to track down the bag’s location and retrieve it for free if necessary or even if it’s not necessary!

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Bluesmart will also replace any items stolen from inside your suitcase during that time period at no cost to you, so don’t worry about losing everything in one fell swoop (though we’d recommend double-locking zippers just for good measure).

Can my phone track my suitcase if it’s turned off?

Yes, your phone can track your suitcase even if it’s turned off. To do this, you need to download the Bluesmart app and turn on location services. Once you do that, you will be able to see where your suitcase is on a map.

Can I remove or replace the battery pack?

Yes, you can remove the battery pack. The battery pack is a lithium polymer battery that can be charged with a USB cable or via the integrated power bank, which provides 5,000 mAh of power (a significant additional capacity).

The solar panel adds another 4,600 mAh and can charge your phone up to 80% in an hour.

If you’re heading out on an adventure and need more power than that, don’t worry the LifeDrive also comes with a built-in AC adapter.

Will my electronics charge properly?

Yes, it will! The Bluesmart One has a USB port for charging and a standard outlet. You can charge multiple devices at once your laptop, tablet, phone, and camera as well as the battery pack that comes with the case.

How fast does it charge?

The battery pack can be removed and replaced with a new one. It takes about three hours to charge it from flat, but once fully charged, the battery pack will provide about five full charges for your smartphone.

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How fast does it charge?

In short: very fast! The Power Bank will take approximately 3 hours to charge from 0% to 100%.

Do I need an adapter to travel abroad?

You can charge your phone with the Bluesmart One in any country.

However, you will need an adapter to plug it into a wall outlet. We recommend that you purchase one before your trip so that you do not have to buy one at your destination.

For example, if you’re traveling from the United States to Europe, we suggest getting an American-to-European adapter (sometimes called a “dual voltage” adapter).

The Bluesmart One is the first smart carry-on bag. It has everything you need to make carrying your luggage easy and stress-free.

The Bluesmart One is the first smart carry-on bag. It has everything you need to make carrying your luggage easy and stress-free.

With Bluetooth connectivity, you can unlock and lock the suitcase using an app. This means no more annoying locks to deal with at TSA security checkpoints! The battery pack is also super handy when you’re traveling in a foreign country, as it will charge all your devices while you’re away from home.

The Bluesmart One also comes with a trolley handle that lets you pull your bag without straining yourself or twisting your wrist all out of shape like those other bags do (and trust us, we’ve tried them). Plus, it has built-in water resistance, so if this thing takes a bath for real during travel time (which, again, does happen), there’s nothing to worry about your stuff won’t get wet!

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