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✅ Water resistant

✅ Holds more than the usual 21-inch suitcase

✅ Has a high weight capacity (50 pounds)

✅ The wheels are sturdy and designed to take a beating


⭕ Doesn’t come with any external pockets, which can be a bit of a bummer if you’re looking for more organization options.

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✅ The luggage is lightweight, and the wheels are easy to maneuver.

✅ It has a lot of space for storing clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc.

✅ The side pockets are useful for storing small items like passports or wallets.


⭕ It’s not as durable as some other brands’ suitcases.

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✅ Expandable to hold more stuff

✅ Easy to roll on all surfaces

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✅ Holds up well under stress

✅ Good price point


⭕ The handle can snap off if you’re not careful

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✅ The bag weighs only 8 pounds, which is pretty lightweight for a softside luggage.

✅ It can expand up to 2 inches to fit more stuff.

✅ The bag has a good amount of pockets and compartments.


⭕ The zippers can be difficult to open and close sometimes due to their design.

What is a hard case luggage?

A hard case luggage is made of hard plastic or metal, making it more durable than soft cases. This means you can use it for travel in rough conditions like sand or dirt, and the cases won’t get damaged as easily.

However, hard case suitcases can be more expensive than soft ones because they’re usually made from better materials.

How do you pack a hard case suitcase?

  • Use packing cubes to organize your clothes.
  • Pack in reverse order of how you will wear them.
  • Layer clothing so that the most important items are on the bottom, and then pack less important items on top. This way, if something gets wrinkled or crushed during travel, it’s not likely to be something you need for emergencies like underwear or socks!
  • Create a list of everything coming with you and check it twice!

Is it better to have hard suitcase or a soft one?

  • Hard suitcases are better for protecting your belongings. A hard suitcase is less likely to crack or chip in an accident than a soft one.
  • Hard suitcases are more durable. They will have no problem withstanding the wear and tear that comes with frequent use and can function for many years without showing any signs of wear or tear.
  • Hard suitcases are more expensive than soft ones because they’re made from higher-quality materials, making them more durable.
  • Hard suitcases are heavier than soft cases because they’re made from thicker plastic or metal material (depending on what type of case you get). This weight can make it difficult to carry around if you’re traveling on foot especially if you’re walking long distances with lots of luggage!
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Why should I buy a hard case suitcase?

Hard-case suitcases are the strongest. They’re tough. They’re also beneficial for frequent flyers who bring their luggage onboard rather than checking it at the airport (which has drawbacks).

If you frequently travel by air or ocean and want a bag that will last, get a hard shell suitcase!

How can I buy the best hard case carry on luggage?

Consider several factors when choosing hard case carry-on luggage. . Make sure it has a durable exterior shell to protect your belongings from baggage handlers or airplane overhead compartments.

Finally, a zipper closure prevents items from falling out.

What are the best carry-on suitcase reviews of 2020?

Carry-on alternatives abound. Consider luggage size, weight, and durability. Wheels and handles are also important. You should also consider price. Finally, before choosing a seller, examine their warranty.

In addition, most airlines have a maximum size limit for carry-on luggage (usually 22 x 18 x 9 inches). That’s why it’s crucial to know which airlines you’ll be going with before buying a suitcase so you don’t overspend!

Which is the best carry on luggage for 2020?

There are many carry-on luggage options, and these questions and answers will help you narrow down your options.

Do I want a hard case suitcase or a soft one?

If you want to protect your belongings, buy a hard case suitcase. It will help prevent damage from the elements and keep thieves from stealing them while in transit.

There are many options for carry on luggage, and these questions and answers will help you narrow down your options.

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It may not hold everything if it’s too small. Consider how much weight the bag will carry (i.e., if you have heavy books or laptops). Finally, consider price!

If this item is rarely used, it may not be worth spending more money since it won’t wear out as quickly.

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