Shopping for the best carry on garment bag for wedding dress in 2023 can be confusing, Because of so many options out there, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve asked a panel of experts to review some of the top best carry on garment bag for wedding dress and tell us their thoughts. Here are their top picks and best deals!


✅ Protects your clothing from wrinkles, spills and more

✅ Durable construction

✅ Easy to pack, carry and unpack

✅ Larger than most travel garment bags


⭕ Heavy (18lbs)

⭕ Cumbersome when fully packed


✅ Holds a lot of clothes

✅ Good quality material

✅ Easy to carry

✅ Has a built-in hook to hang on doorknobs, etc.


⭕ A bit heavy and bulky


✅ Carry-on compatible

✅ Collapsible hanging garment bag that folds into a flat pouch

✅ Holds several suits and dresses

✅ The titanium suit hanger is great for keeping clothes wrinkle free while you travel


⭕ It’s not cheap, but it’s worth it if you want to look sharp on a business trip.


✅ The bag is made from 100% cotton, which is natural and soft.

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✅ It’s foldable, meaning you can fold it up when not in use.

✅ It comes with a matching high quality hanger.


⭕ The bag may not be large enough for some people’s needs.

Is it okay to pack a wedding dress in a carry-on?

You can pack your wedding dress in a carry-on bag for the following reasons:

  • It will fit. The standard garment bag size is 22″ by 18″. Some airlines have slightly different dimensions for the bags that they allow onboard, but you should be able to get by on most flights with one of these measurements.
  • You’ll be able to keep it safe from damage. If you have delicate clothing or other garments packed together with your wedding dress, then it’s important that you take extra care with how you pack them so that nothing gets wrinkled or scuffed during transit.
  • Since this means using packaging materials such as bubble wrap and tissue paper, having the right-sized garment bag will make things easier on yourself in terms of packing less bulky items around your wedding attire while still keeping them safe from harm.
  • It makes sense logistically, if not financially! The question is often asked, “Why would I pay more money than necessary just because my flight happens to include an extended layover?”
  • Here’s why: if there’s at least one segment of travel where luggage must be checked (i.e., checked bags are required), then bringing too much luggage could mean wasting valuable time waiting around at baggage claim areas when all they really want is to get home as soon as possible!
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How do you pack a wedding dress for a destination wedding?

If you’re going to be traveling with your wedding dress, it’s important to know how best to pack and transport it. The last thing you want is for your dress to get damaged during transportation.

The first thing you’ll want to do is choose a garment bag that will keep the dress safe from harm while also keeping it away from other clothes (and any additional damage they may cause).

One of the most common options is a garment bag made out of cotton or polyester you can find these at most department stores or online retailers like Amazon. The second option is using a garment bag with a breathable lining, which will prevent wrinkles from forming in the fabric once your garment has been packed up inside for travel purposes.

This type of garment bag might include features like internal pockets for storing accessories like shoes or jewelry that come along as part of your wedding ensemble; if this sounds appealing but isn’t an option for whatever reason, then consider another alternative below!

Finally, remember: even though these tips may seem obvious, there are plenty of ways to shop around, so always read reviews before making any final decisions!

Is it safe to pack a wedding dress in checked luggage?

The short answer is yes, as long as you take care of your wedding gown, it is safe to pack it in checked luggage.

The long answer: You need to pack your wedding dress in a garment bag, and then put the garment bag inside a plastic bag before putting it in your suitcase. We recommend using clear plastic bags so that you can see what’s inside without opening them.

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We don’t recommend putting any other delicate items (like jewelry or important documents) into the same suitcase with your wedding dress unless they’re also wrapped up in protective packaging like a garment bag or bubble wrap.

How do you pack a wedding dress to prevent wrinkles?

It’s best to use a garment bag to pack your dress, as it will keep it from getting crushed or wrinkled. If you don’t have one, you can make one by cutting off the top of a cardboard box and covering it with plastic wrap. It’s important to lay the dress flat before packing it so that air can flow around the fabric and help prevent wrinkles. You should also use a hanger or pillowcase to support the dress.

Place the hanger inside out on top of another hanger (or two), then pack into a garment bag or box with tissue paper stuffed between them until they are pressed tightly against each other with no wrinkles showing through at all.

  • Packing your wedding dress can be complicated, but you can follow some tips and tricks to make the process easier.
  • First, pack it in a garment bag. This will protect the delicate fabric from being crushed or torn as your suitcases are packed full of other clothes and accessories. The best garment bags have straps that allow you to hang them up on hangers safely until they’re needed.
  • Bring along a box of tissue paper so that you can wrap up any small pieces of jewelry or accessories that come with the dress; this will help ensure they don’t get lost during transit.
  • Second, make sure the dress is folded properly: lay it out flat on top of some clean towels (don’t use anything too thick) and fold each side into thirds toward their respective edges before wrapping it around itself again this should result in four layers total!
  • Make sure not to crease any areas, as this could ruin them later when trying them on for alterations
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We hope this post has helped you feel more confident about packing your wedding dress. While it’s not always easy, there are some simple tricks to ensure that your dress travels safely and looks great when you arrive at your destination.

We want to help make sure your wedding day is as perfect as possible, so if we can answer any other questions or give you advice on what else to pack in our checklist, please reach out!


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