We’re here to assist you in selecting the best samsonite carry on luggage at bestluggageshop.com.

Our highly qualified research team has devoted countless hours to locating the best items on the market.

Our suggestions are examined to make sure they address every important factor when purchasing a new one.


✅ Expandable to fit more stuff

✅ Spinner wheels make it easier to move around


⭕ The zippers can be difficult to open and close


✅ It’s lightweight, sleek, and sturdy.

✅ The spinner wheels make it easy to roll through the airport.

✅ Expands to hold more clothes than most hardside luggage.


⭕ The handle is a little wobbly when fully extended.


✅ It’s expandable, so you can fit more stuff inside it.

✅ It has two spinner wheels, so it’s easy to pull around on the ground and roll through aisles.


⭕ It’s heavy, but that’s because it has a hard shell and is made of strong materials.


✅ Spinner wheels are great for rolling through airports

✅ Hardside design is durable and protects your belongings inside the bag

✅ Expandable side panels can be pulled out to accommodate more items


⭕ The outside of the bag is made from canvas, which can get dirty easily

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Welcome to the Questions and Answers section of our luggage storage. Here you’ll find everything from a simple answer to a common question to detailed instructions on how to return your items.

We’ve tried to anticipate your questions before you even ask them, so read on for some helpful answers!

How do I return this luggage?

The return process is simple, but it does require a few steps. First, you must use the return label provided by the retailer and send your bag back to the store you purchased it from (or an authorized retailer).

You should also make sure that you have all of the original packaging to avoid any additional charges or fees.

Should I get the backpack or the duffel bag?

A backpack is the better option if you’re packing for a trip. Its lightweight design makes it more comfortable to carry than heavier bags, and having your hands free will allow you to make use of them when you get to where you’re going.

However, if your bag is filled with heavy items like textbooks or clothes (instead of just electronics), consider getting a duffel bag. The reinforced handles and wide base make these kinds of bags perfect for carrying heavy loads without weighing down your arms or shoulders as much as backpacks do. Many duffel bags also have several compartments that let you store items separately from each other so that they don’t get damaged while being carried around in transit.

If all else fails and there’s still too much stuff packed into either type of bag or if those two options aren’t available consider using luggage instead! Luggage has wheels that allow users to pull themselves along effortlessly through airports or train stations regardless of how heavy their load may be; however, these can be quite expensive depending on what they’re made of (e., whether they’re plastic material versus metal).

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When will my luggage be here?

If your luggage is being delivered, it will arrive at the estimated time. If you’re picking up your luggage from a store instead of having it delivered to your home, there’s no need to rush over when the store opens they can hold it for you until then.

Do I need a carry-on if I also have a backpack?

You only need one carry-on bag, which is a personal item that you can take on the plane. If you bring a backpack, you may also want to consider using it as your checked baggage instead of bringing it on board. This way, you’ll be able to avoid airline fees and use it for storage in your hotel room or Airbnb during your travels.

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If you’re looking for answers to your questions, look no further. We have a lot of experience with this kind of luggage and luggage in general, so we know what we’re doing. We’ve been in business for a long time, so we’ve gotten pretty good at this whole thing.


These are just a few of the questions we get asked on a regular basis. This is a great place to find answers, so if you have any other questions about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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