Packing for your next trip is a big deal. There are so many things you need to consider, from weight restrictions to the best place to store your suitcase on the plane. Then there’s the issue of organizing everything in such a way that you can find what you need easily when it comes time to unpack.

The good news is that with proper planning and preparation, packing doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming! With this guide and some practice, anyone can learn how to pack like an expert.

And even if you’ve been traveling for years, it never hurts to brush up on some new tricks. So get ready, because we’re going through each part of your packing checklist: suitcases and backpacks; checked bags; carry-on items; labeling; packing tips; and more!


✅  Large enough to fit all your stuff, with lots of space for packing

✅  Lightweight, easy to carry and pack

✅  The luggage is durable, but not too heavy


⭕  It’s a little expensive


✅ Great value for the price

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✅ High quality and durable with lots of pockets and compartments

✅ The wheels are sturdy and smooth, making it easy to roll in any direction.

✅ The handle is comfortable and easy to grab.


⭕ The case is large and heavy, making it difficult to carry by hand or over your shoulder.


✅ This bag is large enough to fit all your stuff, but it’s also super lightweight, which makes it great for traveling.

✅ It has a ton of pockets and compartments so that you can organize everything inside.

✅ The wheels are very sturdy and move smoothly on any surface.


⭕ This case is only available in black.


✅ High-quality and durable material

✅ Sturdy and strong handle

✅ Lightweight and easy to carry around


⭕ Expensive

Should I bring a suitcase as well as a backpack?

This is the million-dollar question. If you want to travel light, then yes. If you want to be able to carry your backpack around easily and not worry about it being too heavy or inconvenient, then no.

If you plan on doing day trips and don’t want to lug around your big suitcase all day, then yes. But if you’re going on an adventure that involves hiking through mountains for days on end or traveling with very little in the way of amenities (which could include sleeping outside), then no a suitcase would just get in the way and make things more difficult than they need to be!

What should I put in my checked bags?

The best thing to do is check your bag. That way, if something goes wrong, you won’t lose it all.

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There are a few things that should absolutely be packed in your checked luggage. Laptops and electronics are obvious choices for this. You don’t want to risk losing or breaking these items on the flight, so it’s important to have them safely stowed away in one of your bags.

Medication is also an essential item for long flights, as are other important documents like passports and credit cards (just make sure that they’re in a carrier safe enough that they’re not going anywhere when you do).

Jewelry can be dangerous on longer trips not only does it make noise when moving around during takeoff and landing, but it can also get tangled up with other items!

Money should never be packed in a carry-on because it’s too easy to lose track of how much money you’ve got left after spending some on snacks along the way… and then there’s clothing!Just keep in mind that clothes take up space; more space equals more weight; less weight equals more room for other things… so pack those clothes in checked luggage instead!

Do I need to pack light?

You will be flying to the U.S., so you will have a lot of luggage. Therefore, it is best to try and pack light.

If possible, leave some of your bags at home or in a locker at the airport. It is also helpful if you can stay with friends or family who live close by so that they can help you carry your bags.

How should my luggage be labeled?

  • Put your name and address on all bags.
  • Use a permanent marker to write the information on the outside of the bag, and make sure it is written in block or bold letters.
  • Use a label that can’t be removed, such as one with metal or plastic edges. This will help prevent theft by making it obvious that someone has tampered with your luggage.
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What should I put in my carry-on bag?

In the event of a delay or cancellation, you can be prepared by packing your carry-on with the following items:

  • Medications
  • Extra clothes (including shoes) and toiletries
  • Water bottle and snacks to avoid overpriced airport meals (or, if your flight is truly canceled, you’ll have food).
  • Phone charger in case there’s no power outlet at your gate or on board.

What should I have with me on the plane?

When you’re traveling, you need to be prepared. While there’s no way to predict what will happen in an emergency situation, you can make sure that your personal safety and comfort are covered.

Here are some things to keep with you during your flight:

  • Passport and ID
  • Money (cash or credit)
  • Phone, laptop case, and charger (if applicable)
  • Books/reading material * Water bottle(s), snacks, and cologne/perfume if necessary

Is it worth buying a small lock for my bags?

Small locks are small and easy to use, which makes them a great choice for people who don’t like the hassle of lugging around a lot of heavy gear.

They can be used to lock zippers, wheels, or bags together so they don’t get separated while you’re out on the town. You can also attach your bag to something stationary like a rack or pole so no one steals it while you’re in the bathroom.

How should the luggage be packed?

When packing, you should be thinking about how you are going to unpack your luggage. This is important because if it is difficult for you to unpack, the whole trip will be more stressful and less enjoyable.

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You can pack your clothes in separate bags or place them carefully in the suitcase or backpack. If you use separate bags, then put each type of clothing into its own bag (e.g., underwear in one bag, tops in another). This makes it easier for you when unpacking, too just grab a bag at a time and unzip!

Packing is an art form that requires practice to master.

Have you ever considered the fact that packing is an art?

It’s something that you get better at with practice. The more you travel, the better you become at packing. You’ve learned what to pack and what not to pack. You’ve also learned how much room certain items take up in your suitcase, so now it’s easier for me when I travel!


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