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  • LUGGEX luggage is made of high-quality, durable materials that will last.
  • With 4 reinforced corners and expandable capacity, your belongings will be safe and secure.
  • Easily travel with more with the 3 piece set – perfect for a short trip or long journey.
  • Make packing and transporting your belongings simple and easy with LUGGEX.


  • Luggage that is tough enough for the most rigorous travel, but also lightweight and easy to transport – perfect for packing lightly and making quick work of airport trips.
  • Spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver through tight spaces, and the expandable design means you can pack more without feeling weighed down.
  • The soft, durable fabric is water resistant and resistant to dirt and dust, making it ideal for extended trips or busy airports.
  • Compact design means it’s perfect for carrying on a budget, so you can pack light and avoid extra fees.


  • Keep your luggage organized and stylish with the COOLIFE Luggage Suitcase Piece Set Carry On ABS PC Spinner Trolley.
  • The trolley has a compartments for clothes, shoes, and other belongings, as well as a side pocket for carrying your belongings.
  • This suitcase set is perfect for weekend getaways or travel during the night. It’s also great for use at the airport.
  • Keep your belongings safe and organized with the COOLIFE Luggage Suitcase Piece Set Carry On ABS PC Spinner Trolley.
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  • LUGGEX Expandable Carry On Luggage Sets are perfect for travel.
  • LUGGEX luggage sets come with TSA-approved locks and spinner wheels for easy mobility.
  • The luggage sets are made from durable hard plastic and come in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • LUGGEX luggage sets are the perfect size for carrying everything you need for a vacation or business trip.

1️⃣ Is hard or soft shell carry on better?

Both hard and soft shell carry ons are good options for travel. They both have their pros and cons, but ultimately the decision comes down to what you’re most comfortable with.

Hardshell cases are more durable and can protect your device better in case of drops or spills, but they can also be more bulky and difficult to pack. Softshell cases are easier to pack and don’t offer as much protection from drops or spills, but they can be less durable and may not stand up to extreme temperatures.Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which type of carry on bag is best for you.

2️⃣ What Colour luggage is best?


Studies have shown that blue luggage is the most popular color when it comes to choosing luggage. It’s not only stylish, but also practical. Blue is a calming color and can help to reduce stress levels. Plus, it’s easy to spot in a baggage claim area!

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3️⃣ Is American Tourister a good luggage brand?

American Tourister is a great luggage brand because they make high-quality bags that will last you for years. They also have a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect bag for your needs.

4️⃣ Is American Tourister better or Samsonite?

American Tourister is definitely better than Samsonite. American Tourister is known for being durable and having high-quality construction, while Samsonite is known for being affordable and having lower-quality construction. Additionally, American Tourister has more stylish options available than Samsonite.

5️⃣ Is American Tourister or Delsey better?

American Tourister is better. It’s more affordable and has more features.

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