Traveling can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to have the right gear for your journey. Hardside luggage is an increasingly popular choice among travelers due to its durability and stylish designs.

So I’m sure you’re wondering: Is hardside luggage really as durable as they say? In this article I’ll take a closer look at hardside luggage and answer that question.

I’ve been traveling with hardside suitcases for many years now and have never had any issues with them. But there are some things you should consider before investing in one, such as how much weight it can hold and what kind of protection against water or wear-and-tear it offers.

We’ll dive into all these aspects together so that by the end of this article, you’ll know if hardside luggage is worth the investment or not!

Types Of Hardside Luggage

I’m sure we’ve all been there when it comes to luggage – trying to decide what type best fits our needs.

Hardside luggage is a popular option, thanks largely in part to its durability and cost effectiveness. It’s also a great choice for those who have weight limitations as it won’t easily be weighed down by bulky items.

Hardside luggage can come in many different sizes and shapes so you’re sure to find something that works for your travel plans. Some of the most common materials used are polycarbonate, ABS plastic, or aluminum which offer maximum protection from bumps and scratches during transit. Additionally, this type of luggage often includes extra features such as combination locks and extendable handles making them even more secure and easier to carry around if need be.

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It’s important to note that while hardside luggage offers plenty of advantages, they may not always be suitable for everyone’s needs. For instance, depending on the material used, some models can be quite expensive compared to other types of suitcases.

Also keep in mind that due to their rigid construction they tend not to expand much and thus might lack storage capacity should you require more room than initially provided.

All things considered though, hardside luggage is an excellent option for anyone looking for reliable yet affordable baggage with superior protection levels.

Advantages Of Hardside Luggage

I love hardside luggage for its durability, convenience and variety. When it comes to packing your suitcase for travel, there are few materials as reliable and long-lasting as hardshell cases.

The strength of the material helps protect any items you may be carrying inside from falls or bumps that can occur during transit. Plus, many hardside suitcases come with a lightweight design so they don’t add too much extra weight when packing.

Additionally, depending on your style of travel, there is likely a type of hardside case available that suits your needs – whether you prefer simple styles or something more modern and trendy!

When looking at different types of hardsided luggage, I always consider factors such as size, shape, color and overall quality of construction.

Size impacts how much one can fit in the bag while still meeting airline regulations for carry-on bags. Shape gives me an idea about what kind of interior organization the bag will have – if I need space for shoes or want compartments that separate various clothing items like pants from shirts – which makes it easier to keep things organized while traveling.

Lastly, color provides me with options that best reflect my personal tastes but also allows me to differentiate between similar suitcases at baggage claim areas when needed.

Hardside luggage offers travelers numerous advantages; not only do these bags provide great protection against damage caused by rough handling during transport but they can also help save time since their structure lets me quickly pack and unpack without worrying about creasing clothes or other delicate items I might be taking along with me on my journey.

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With all this considered, it’s no wonder why these suitcases remain popular among frequent flyers who require dependable luggage solutions that won’t let them down even after multiple trips around the world!

Disadvantages Of Hardside Luggage

Hardside luggage certainly has its advantages, but there are a few disadvantages to consider as well.

Firstly, the suitcase weight can be an issue for some people; most hardside pieces of luggage tend to be heavier than their softside counterparts due to the materials used and this can make them difficult for some travelers to manage.

Secondly, many users have complained about the quality of the material used in some cases – it is often cheaper plastic that can easily become scratched or broken if not handled with care.

Another downside is that hardside suitcases don’t always fit as much as you’d like them too – they are usually designed very precisely so that everything fits securely and anything more than what was intended can cause issues such as items being squeezed out or even becoming damaged during transit.

Finally, while they may look sleek and stylish when new, over time hardside suitcases can appear worn down and aged due to everyday use. For those seeking something long-lasting, softer options might be better suited.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Hardside Luggage

When it comes to buying hardside luggage, size and weight are really important factors to consider.

Cost of course is something to think about as well.

Durability is key and you’ll want to make sure to pick a style that’s secure and won’t easily get damaged.

Color and brand are also important if you have a preference.

Wheels and handles are a must, and the zippers, compartments, and materials should all be of good quality.

Last but not least, make sure you check for a good warranty and a secure lock.


Size is an important factor to consider when purchasing hardside luggage. Not all suitcases come in the same size, and it’s important to choose one that fits your needs.

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If you’re looking for cost effectiveness, then smaller sizes are often more affordable than larger ones. You also have to think about the weight of the suitcase itself; if you’re trying to stay under a certain airline weight limit, then bigger suitcases probably aren’t going to cut it.

Instead, focus on lightweight options that won’t add too much bulk or heft without compromising on durability – after all, nobody wants their belongings spilling out onto the baggage carousel!

All things considered, size matters when choosing the right hardside luggage for you.


Weight is also a critical factor to consider when picking the right hardside luggage. Depending on material used, some suitcases can be heavier than others, making them difficult to lug around in airports and train stations. If you’re going to be traveling often, it’s important to select something lightweight so that your travels are easier and more manageable.

Materials like polycarbonate or ABS plastic tend to provide better protection without adding too much extra weight. On the other hand, if you’re just looking for something reliable for occasional use then a heavy-duty suitcase made of aluminum might do the trick; although it will likely add more heft, its durability can make up for this disadvantage.

Think about how you plan on using your hardside luggage before making any decisions – if you need something with maximum flexibility and maneuverability while being light enough to meet airline regulations, go with something smaller but still durable that won’t break apart after a few trips. Or if long-term reliability is what matters most, opt for a larger model constructed from materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber that offer superior strength at an affordable price point.

No matter which option fits your needs best, remember that weight should never be overlooked when shopping for hardside luggage – after all, carrying a bag even slightly over one’s own bodyweight could lead to serious injuries!


When it comes to shopping for hardside luggage, cost is an important factor. Depending on the price range you’re working with, there are a variety of suitcases available that offer different levels of quality and protection.

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If money isn’t really an issue, then you can go all-out and purchase something expensive made from quality materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber. However, if your budget’s a bit tighter, there are still plenty of options out there that will give you decent protection without breaking the bank – polycarbonate or ABS plastic styles tend to be more affordable yet still provide good durability.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend – what matters most is finding a suitcase that meets your needs in terms of size, weight, material type and other factors while staying within your price range. You may have to make some compromises here and there when selecting which hardside luggage to buy but by taking into account everything listed above, you should be able to find something suitable at a reasonable cost.

No matter where you shop or the style you choose, just remember to keep an eye on both the quality and affordability so that your travels remain comfortable!

Tips To Keep Hardside Luggage In Good Condition

Traveling with hardside luggage can be a great experience, especially if you take the time to make sure it’s in good condition. Keeping your bag in tip-top shape is an investment that will pay off for years down the road – after all, when properly cared for, hardside suitcases are known for their long lasting durability and carrying capacity.

Here are some tips to help ensure your bag remains as reliable and sturdy as the day you bought it.

First of all, be sure to always store your bag upright rather than laying it flat or on its side. This prevents stress on the zippers and buckles which could cause them to break over time.

Additionally, don’t stuff your suitcase too full; while they’re designed to handle a lot of weight, overstuffing can also damage seams and fabrics.

Finally, give your bag a good wipe down every few months with mild soap and water – this helps keep dirt from accumulating on surfaces and keeps everything looking sharp!

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Hardside luggage offers many advantages for travelers but like anything else, proper care must be taken in order for them to remain functional for years to come. Taking these simple steps not only ensures that you get maximum use out of your bags but also gives you peace of mind knowing that they’ll last through countless trips around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Hardside Luggage Typically Cost?

The cost of hardside luggage varies depending on the weight and size of your bag.

If you’re looking for a lightweight option, then something like a small carry-on could be as low as $50 to $100.

However, if you’re looking for a larger suitcase that can hold more items or handle heavier weights, then prices can range from around $150 up to several hundred dollars.

The quality of materials used plays an important role in determining how much money you’ll pay for it too.

How Long Does Hardside Luggage Typically Last?

Hardside luggage is surprisingly durable, but its longevity depends on how well you take care of it.

Durability tests have shown that with proper care and maintenance, hardside luggage can last for years!

To ensure your hardside luggage stands the test of time, follow a few simple care tips like avoiding overpacking, storing properly when not in use, and using protective covers during travel.

With these steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your new bag for many trips to come!

How Does Hardside Luggage Compare To Softside Luggage In Terms Of Durability?

When it comes to durability, hardside and softside luggage both offer great protection for your items. However, there are some key differences between the two that may influence your decision when selecting a suitcase.

Hardside luggage is made from rigid materials such as polypropylene or ABS plastic which makes them more resistant to damage than their softer counterparts. They also provide better waterproofing capabilities so you don’t have to worry about wet clothes ruining your belongings inside. Additionally, most hardside suitcases can handle heavier loads due to their increased weight capacity compared to softside bags.

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All in all, if you want added protection and peace of mind during travel then hardside luggage could be the right choice for you!

What Is The Best Way To Transport Hardside Luggage?

When it comes to transporting hardside luggage, there are a few key packing tips you should keep in mind.

First and foremost, make sure your items fit within the carry-on size requirements for most airlines – this will save you time at the airport security line!

Additionally, if possible, consider bringing only two pieces of luggage: one small bag inside your main piece of hardside luggage. This will make carrying them easier when walking through the terminal or transferring between flights.

Finally, remember that it is helpful to put any fragile items on top of other items in your suitcase for extra protection during travel.

Following these simple steps can help ensure a stress-free journey with your hardside luggage.

What Type Of Warranty Do Most Hardside Luggage Brands Offer?

When it comes to durability, most hardside luggage brands offer a warranty that covers careful handling and material selection.

Depending on the brand, this can range from several months up to five years of coverage.

The type of warranty offered is usually listed in the product description so you know what kind of protection you’ll get when purchasing hardside luggage.


In conclusion, hardside luggage is a great choice for travelers looking for durability and a stylish look. The price of hardside luggage can range from affordable to high-end depending on the brand and features you want.

It typically lasts longer than softside luggage due to its rigid material that helps protect your belongings. When transporting hardside luggage, it’s important to make sure it is secured properly in order to avoid damage or theft.

Most brands offer warranties up to 5 years so if anything does go wrong with your bag during this time period, most companies will replace it free of charge. All in all, hardside luggage is an excellent investment both in terms of quality and longevity.