Test the lock. You may have locked the luggage and not set the combination. If this is the case, you can push down on the reset lever, turn the dials to 00000, reset the combination to your code and use your luggage.

If you have determined that the lock is indeed locked and cannot open, try testing your luggage’s locking mechanism. Sometimes, if the suitcase is not properly closed or some obstruction prevents the lock from functioning correctly, it may appear locked when it isn’t. Sit on a chair and place your Samsonite bag between your knees to test this. Then press down on the reset lever with one hand while turning each dial with the other hand until they all align back at zero (00000). If your luggage has been successfully unlocked, then proceed to open and close its clasps or zippers as needed to see if they are functional again; many times after unlocking a lock without setting up a new combination code first will cause these components not work properly anymore since their movement wasn’t recorded by whatever process was used before changing them drastically enough from where they were originally set up at when first purchased from stores like Wal-Mart or Target!

Find the code. Samsonite recommends that you record your code somewhere other than on your luggage tag or directly on your luggage, where it will be easy to find. Check any warranties or pamphlets with your luggage when you purchased it for a sticker containing this information.

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The code is typically on a sticker inside the suitcase. If not, search for it in any warranty cards or pamphlets with your luggage when you purchased it.

If you still can’t find the code, contact Samsonite customer service at [insert number].

Turn the dials to the numbers from Step 2. Please turn them from left to right, matching those numbers to their position in the combination.

Now you’re back to where you were before, with two additional numbers added to your combination. Repeat Step 3 until the lock opens. Once it does, remove the luggage handle and close the lock again.

Push down on the lever and pull up on the handle at the same time

You first need to push down on the lever located at the bottom of your lock. Next, pull up on your handle while still pushing down on the lever. You may have heard that you can use a screwdriver or hammer to unlock it, but this isn’t true! If you try this method, you risk breaking your lock completely and having to replace it.

How do I open my Samsonite lock?

You can open your Samsonite lock with the following four steps:

  • Test the lock to see if it works properly by turning the dials to the numbers from step 2. If you hear a clicking sound and the handle is loose, your lock may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Look for one of these numbers on your key code list: 2088, 1276, 4356, 9897, 1518 or 7990 (see image below). These are some common combinations used by Samsonite locks, but not all models have these same codes! If you do not find any combination listed here, proceed to step 3 below. [[File: Samsonite_luggage_lock_codes.png|link=https://i0com/3wWQV8OvAITRXe7ZTJhkClzcYIbGcS46tjKLF4lE8G0fBng9f4pCKxRHWmFvEMyDHruHtSxfjhHu28zMddDnZaX9aqnLhIvfqW8NuA==]]3. Turn each dial until there are six zeros in place (see example above)4. Push down on the lever while pulling up on the handle at the same time. This will unlock your Samsonite luggage so it can be opened normally now!
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Now that you know how to open your Samsonite lock, you may wonder how best to keep it safe. Samsonite recommends keeping your luggage in a hotel safe or locking it with a TSA-approved lock when flying on an aeroplane. If neither option is available, use common sense and always keep an eye on your belongings!



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