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Samsonite luggage is a brand that's known for its quality. The lock on the Samsonite luggage can be a pain to deal with. If you're looking to unlock your own Samsonite Travel Gear, this article will help you out!

Samsonite luggage locks are usually pretty easy to open.

The most common way to unlock Samsonite luggage is using a paper clip. You insert the end of a small paper clip into the hole in the front door of your suitcase and turn it until you hear a click. This will release two metal pins, allowing you to open your bag.

If you don't have a paper clip handy, another trick is to use something thin like a pen or even a toothpick (sorry). This method requires more finesse than simply inserting an object through holes in the lock mechanism, but it can still get results if done correctly. The idea here is to gently pry between two pieces of metal with whatever item you're using as leverage, so they move just enough to be pushed apart when released by turning your key in its lock slot.

The last method we'll cover involves using an actual key or credit card instead of one made from metal, such as aluminum foil or steel wool (which are both too sturdy for this purpose). If either one doesn't work for whatever reason or if there's no room inside your suitcase then try putting down some newspaper before attempting these methods, so dirt doesn't get stuck inside while taking apart various components within

Leaving your TSA lock unlocked for travel.

You may have heard that TSA locks are difficult to open. This is true but only if you don't know how to do it correctly. Here, we'll show you how to unlock a Samsonite luggage lock in three easy steps:

  • The first step is finding the hidden seam on your Samsonite luggage lock and prying it open with a screwdriver

  • The second step is using this guide as a reference for opening up your Samsonite luggage lock (it's very simple)

  • And finally, reset your code manually by pressing down on each button in order (1-9)

Using a TSA Luggage Lock on your Samsonite Luggage.

Most Samsonite Luggage comes with a TSA lock. The purpose of this lock is to allow you to open and close your suitcase in an airport, but it does not automatically unlock the suitcase when you are finished at security.

To use the TSA lock on your Samsonite Luggage:

  • Open up your suitcase by pressing the button on the front of it (or by sliding off the latch).

  • Place both hands on each side of the zipper and pull them apart, holding them there until they reach their final positions and clicking into place again, locking your luggage closed once more.

How to reset a Samsonite luggage lock code?

You can reset your Samsonite luggage lock code by taking the luggage to a samsonite store. You must bring a copy of your receipt and proof of ownership, such as the serial number or purchase date. Most stores can help you with this- but if not, call their customer service and request a new code.

If you cannot get in touch with a store or hotline representative, try using their online chat feature on their website! It's quick and easy!

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So, if you've forgotten the code for your Samsonite luggage lock, don't worry. All you need to do is try one of these methods, and hopefully, it will work for you!


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