how to tie luggage tag



Luggage tags are the first thing that airport staff will see when looking for your bags. That's why ensuring that yours is easy to spot and clearly labeled with your information is important.

Step 1

We recommend cutting the string to about 4 inches for an adult and 3 inches for a child. Don't cut off too much, though, because you'll need to tie another knot at the end of the string.

The easiest way to tie a basic knot is by holding both ends of the strings together with one hand and wrapping them around each other twice until they overlap (see image below). Then bring both loose ends through this loop, so they're on either side. Pull gently on both loose ends so that they tighten up around this loop to create a secure knot. You can also use this method when tying your shoelaces!

Step 2

Now that you have your luggage tag and ribbon, it's time to tie them together. Take the ribbon and fold it in half. Then, tie a knot at the center of your tag with one end of the ribbon.

Step: Steps

  • With the free end of the cord, tie an overhand knot just above one side of your luggage tag. The knot should be tight and secure but not overly so you want it to be easy to untie when you need to change your tag in case of damage or theft. If you're using a hoop, loop through the hole and carefully pull it back through so, there are no gaps between the ends. Then tie an overhand knot at the top corner behind where it passes through (if using paper clips instead).

What tie the luggage tag

Knowing how to tie a luggage tag is important, as it will protect your bag from theft and help you identify your items if they get lost. To do this correctly:

  1. Take the looped end of the tag and pass it through one of the holes in the buckle.

  2. Pull on both ends so that it is taught but not too tight (you don't want to damage your bag), then lock it in place with another knot.

  3. If you'd like to use a different method for tying your luggage tags, try using string or ribbon instead of fabric loops!


The best way to tie a luggage tag is with a knot. You can use a carabiner or other clip if you like, but the knots are more durable and will hold up better with regular use.


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