If you’re going to take a trip soon, then you may have just one question on your mind: How do I secure my luggage? This is a very important topic to consider if you want to make sure that your items remain safe while traveling. To help answer this question and more, we have created this guide on how to set lock on luggage.

Step 1

  • Check that your lock is in working order. Turn the key and make sure it turns smoothly. If not, you may need to replace the lock.

  • Make sure that you have the key for the lock on your luggage (and don’t lose it). If there is no key on your luggage, then consider getting a new luggage set with a TSA approved lock so that when you travel with checked items, they can be opened by TSA agents without damage to their contents or locks.

  • Make sure there are no damages to either side of your suitcase zipper or any other parts of its construction this will help ensure that nothing falls out while in transit or during security checks at airports and train stations.

Step 2

Lock up your luggage with a TSA-approved lock. The most common locks are combination locks, which you set yourself. These kinds of locks are easy to use, but they can be broken or unlocked if anyone tries hard enough. For maximum security, buy a lock that uses keys instead of numbers or letters. You’ll have to carry another key around with you, but this type of antique lock will take more effort and time for anyone who wants to get into your bag without permission.

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Be sure that all your belongings are in the case before locking it up! If the TSA wants to inspect an item inside your bag while it is locked with a TSA approved lock, they’ll have no choice but break through its defenses and open it up themselves or take off their gloves and try something else entirely (like cutting through).

If someone tries opening your luggage while it’s still locked (even if they don’t know how), there will be a warning sound emitted from within; this gives plenty of time for passengers nearby hearing it . . .

Step 3

You are ready to go, but before you do, make sure your luggage is locked. A TSA-approved lock can be used on your bag and many travel-ready suitcases have built in locks that can be secured with a simple turn of the dial.

If you are using a padlock, check the TSA website to ensure that it is approved for use in airports.

Step 4

  • Before you leave for the airport, check to see if your lock is working. If it’s not, ask someone to help you open it your baggage could be delayed and/or lost if you can’t open the luggage at all.

  • If you are unable to open the lock on your own and no one else is around to help you, call up your airline and tell them about the problem. The airline might be able to send someone out who can assist with unlocking it; otherwise, they will have no choice but to cut off the lock entirely (which means throwing away any items inside).

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Make sure there is no one else’s belongings in your luggage before you depart.

There are several reasons why you should check your luggage before you leave. First, if there are other people who have access to your luggage, they might accidentally put their belongings in yours. If that happens, the airline won’t take responsibility for the missing items. Second, if you happen to lose something while traveling, it’s important that you report it as soon as possible so that they can be returned when they are found. Thirdly (and most importantly), make sure your luggage is safe and secure before leaving! If there’s anything wrong with your bag like a broken zipper or a hole in one of the pockets you’ll want to know about it before getting on the plane so that someone else doesn’t pick up an explosive package by accident and startle everyone around them


Locking your luggage is an important step to protecting your valuables while traveling. You should always check that there are no other people’s belongings in your suitcase before you depart. It’s also a good idea to lock all suitcases and backpacks as soon as possible after arriving at the airport so they don’t get stolen during transit from one terminal to another or when being loaded onto a plane.



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