You’ve heard people talk about the importance of putting luggage tags on your bags, but do you know why it’s necessary? It’s because those tags help make sure that your luggage gets to its final destination. And if you don’t put them on with care and attention, then they can fall off during transit and get lost forever in some warehouse somewhere. That’s why we’ve created this how-to guide for putting on a luggage tag!

How to Put On a Luggage Tag

Luggage tags are a great way to identify your bag and keep it from getting lost in transit. There are many types of luggage tags to choose from, including plastic or metal ones that come with a strap for attaching them to your luggage handle. They can also be attached directly to the zipper of your suitcase or duffel bag.

If you’re looking for a simple way to add some style and personality to your luggage tag, consider buying one with an inspirational quote written on it!

This article is about putting tags on your bags.

So you’ve bought some luggage and you’re ready to go. But do you know how to put on a luggage tag? You should, because there are a few things you’ll need to know before starting.

First, make sure that the tag is not facing inwards, otherwise it won’t be visible when your bag is on the baggage carousel at the airport. If it’s facing inwards, simply flip it over so that the part with your personal information faces outwards.

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Next, place the baggage tag over one of two locations: near an existing strap (usually found where straps meet at corners) or underneath an existing strap if none are nearby.The former option tends to be easier if there aren’t any straps nearby; if this is not possible, then use the second option and try placing it underneath another strap as close as possible without obstructing any zippers or pockets inside your suitcase or duffel bag-just make sure there isn’t anything important under there!


This article is about putting tags on your bags.


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