You’ve been planning this trip for months. You know every detail about it except how to pack toiletries in checked luggage. You might have tried to bring some items with you on the plane, but the TSA agents confiscated them, or they broke in transit. This article will tell you everything you need to know about packing toiletries securely so that your expensive products arrive intact when you do.

Pack bottles upright in resealable plastic bags.

  • Don’t use a box. This is an old-fashioned way of packing that seems to make sense but doesn’t work. The problem is that boxes are too stiff, so even if you pack your bottles carefully, they’ll come out of the box at some point during the flight and spill all over your bag or clothes.

  • Pack bottles upright in resealable plastic bags. Invest in several $1 resealable plastic bags you’ll find them at any grocery store and fill each one with 6 to 8 full-sized toiletries (about a third of a roll of toilet paper). Place these packed bags into your suitcase; it should be easy to fit four or five bottles comfortably without crowding them together too much. The key here is that because these little guys aren’t crammed inside their containers or trying to balance on top of one another, they won’t fall over easily when jostled around by airport baggage handlers during transit from A to B!

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Place your toiletry bags in the middle of your suitcases.

The most important thing to remember when packing toiletries is that they will be moving around quite a bit. That means you don’t want them to be on top of your suitcase, where they’ll get knocked around by any heavy items you’ve packed above them in the bag. The same goes for the bottom of the bag you need something soft and squishy between the hard bottom and your toiletry bottles or containers.

The middle of your suitcase is ideal because it’s surrounded by everything else, keeping it safe from jostling around too much while still being within easy reach of access when unzipped (or zipped up) and lifted out as needed.

Wrap breakable or leaky items in clothing, then in plastic bags.

One of the best ways to protect your liquids and breakables is to wrap them in clothing. This will cushion the item from impact and keep it from breaking in case there is any shifting during transit. If you can’t fit a whole bottle into clothing, use plastic bags instead.

Toiletries that leak or are otherwise messy should also be packed in plastic bags for example, toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles, and lotions. Sharp objects like razors also need to be wrapped in newspaper (or an extra pair of socks), so they won’t puncture other items inside your bag when being tossed around on conveyor belts or moved by baggage handlers who aren’t always careful with their loads (as anyone who has ever heard stories about baggage handlers tossing suitcases knows).

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Pack any sharp objects in their original containers and wrap the containers in the newspaper.

  • Place any sharp objects, such as scissors and nail clippers, in their original containers and wrap the containers in the newspaper.

  • Pack these sharp objects in your checked luggage, so they don’t accidentally cut through your clothing.

  • If you’re bringing liquids, put them into plastic zip-top bags for extra protection against leaks and spills.

Following a few simple steps ensures your most important belongings and toiletries survive the trip.

By following a few simple steps you can ensure your most important belongings and toiletries survive the trip.

  • Pack toiletries in checked luggage

  • Pack toiletries in resealable plastic bags (or if you are checking a bottle of shampoo, wrap it in clothing first, then put it in the plastic bag)

  • Wrap breakable or leaky items in clothing first, then place these wrapped items inside another plastic bag to help protect any contents from spillage or leakage during travel


So there you have it! Now you know how to pack toiletries in checked luggage. I know it seems like a lot of work, but once you get in the habit of doing things this way, it becomes second nature. Plus, the packing will be easier on your next trip because all your items will be organized by category and ready for use when you arrive at your destination.



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