Wrap the bottle in bubble wrap

Wrapping your bottle in bubble wrap will protect it from damage and keep the contents of your bag organized. Use a layer of bubble wrap and then a layer of newspaper or paper towels. This can cushion fragile items like glass bottles and keeps them from breaking during travel. Don’t use packing peanuts. They can cause problems in the baggage claim system, so they’re best left at home.

You should also avoid using any other packing material that could threaten airport machinery: no styrofoam peanuts, no packing tape (it’s not just for keeping boxes closed), and definitely no duct tape!

Could you put it in an old sock?

While passengers are not allowed to pack alcohol in checked luggage, there is a way you can transport it.

The first step is to put the bottle of alcohol in an old sock. This will ensure that no damage occurs while traveling. Next, tie the top of the sock closed, so there’s no space for liquid to leak out of during travel. Avoid using plastic bags when transporting alcohol because they can break and spill onto other items inside your suitcase or bag or even on you! Finally, if possible, use socks instead of plastic bags since they’re easier to remove from your luggage upon arrival at your destination without causing any damage or spills along the way!

Place a rolled-up towel around the bottle.

You can place a rolled-up towel around the bottle to protect the bottle from shock. This will help absorb the shock of being dropped or bumped into.

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If you check many bottles, you can use a plastic bin with dividers to keep them separate and make it easier to grab them on your way home (make sure they fit into your luggage).

Double bagging with plastic bags

When transporting a bottle of alcohol in your checked luggage, you have to ensure it doesn’t break. This means taking extra precautions.

The first thing is to put some bubble wrap around the outside of the bottle. The next step is to put another plastic bag around it. This will help protect the contents from breaking in case anything happens during the flight. Finally, tie off both bags with rubber bands and place them inside your suitcase alongside other items like clothing and shoes to ensure that nothing else gets wet if something leaks out of one of those bottles!

You can pack alcohol in checked luggage. Just use caution if you plan to pack glass.

When packing alcohol in checked luggage, it’s important to use caution. If you have any glass bottles, do not pack them in your checked luggage. Liquids that are clear and have no markings are considered fine. Still, if they are in a container with any label or writing on it (even something as simple as “alcohol”), then the container will be treated like a liquid and placed in a plastic bag for inspection by TSA agents. You should also avoid packing alcohol in your carry-on if you’re flying to a dry county or state, typically a town or city that doesn’t allow liquor sales at all. Finally, suppose you’re flying internationally and want to bring some booze home from another country, for example, from Portugal, back into the United States. In that case, you’ll need to check with the consulate beforehand about whether or not this will be allowed.

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