Have you ever tried to find your luggage in the airport? It’s easy to blend into a crowd of people with their matching bags, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make your luggage stand out from the crowd by using some simple tricks. First, you’ll need to get creative with your tags (or invest in some new ones). Then, start thinking about ways you can use color and tape to make your bag unique. If all else fails, consider monogramming it it will help ensure it makes its way back home!

Get creative with luggage tags.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, get creative with your luggage tag.

  • Use a unique design that is sure to catch the eye of airline staff. This can be as simple as using a color block pattern or adding some text in an accent color.

  • Include your name on the tag so that it’s easy for other people to spot it when they’re trying to pick up their bags at baggage claim. If you normally travel with someone else, consider having two different tags: one with each person’s name and phone number/email address/address on it so they can easily be reunited if they’re separated during travel (and perhaps even make arrangements to meet up again).

  • If you need easy access to emergency information during flight delays or lost luggage situations, write down all relevant information including contact numbers and addresses on a piece of paper and attach this inside one side flap of any bag without wheels (for example, inside one side flap of a backpack or duffel bag).

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Use bright colors.

To make your luggage stand out, choose a bright color that is easy to see. A contrasting color will make it much easier for other travelers and flight attendants to spot your bag in a crowd or from afar. Make sure the color you choose matches either with your clothes or with the color of your suitcase.

Cover your bags in tape.

Cover your bags in tape.

Tape is a great way to make your luggage stand out. It’s also an easy way of making sure that no one steals your stuff on a plane or train, because they’ll have to peel the tape off (and then there will be evidence they did it).

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Choose colorful tape that matches your luggage and/or contrasts with the color scheme of the airport where you’re traveling. You don’t want to put blue tape on red luggage, for example.

  • Make sure you use tapes made of cloth or some other durable material that won’t tear easily when people pull at it those cheap plastic tapes will break apart as soon as someone tries to walk away with them!

  • Consider using waterproof tapes if you want extra protection against theft and weather damage for items like electronics and books.

Consider a monogrammed bag.

Another way to make your luggage stand out is by using a monogrammed bag. These bags are great for both business travel and family vacations, as well as school trips or business trips.

While many people might be hesitant when considering a monogrammed bag, they can actually help you find your luggage quickly at baggage claim, especially if someone else has the same color and size of bag as you do. If all else fails, remember that this is just one more thing that makes your travel experience unique!

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Use fun luggage tags and bright colors to make your luggage stand out from the crowd

We all know how hard it is to find your luggage in the middle of a busy airport. You’ve got bags everywhere and no idea which one is yours. Luggage tags are a great way to personalize your bags and make them stand out from the crowd, but they also serve another important function identifying lost bags at the airport. While there’s no guarantee that this will happen, it’s better than just hoping someone will take pity on you because you’re holding up traffic by frantically searching for your luggage.

Luggage tags can be made from any material: leather, metal, plastic…even paper! The options are endless when it comes to selecting an ideal material for your particular needs and style preferences. Plus, if you have children or pets who like chewing on things that aren’t meant for them (guilty!), these are usually pretty durable so don’t worry about them getting eaten before reaching its destination!


That’s it! These simple tips will help your luggage stand out from the crowd, so that you can find it in an instant.



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