If you’re traveling in a vehicle with your luggage in tow, you might notice that it gets wet. Humidity can make your belongings sweat and collect moisture, whether it’s raining or humid. However, you can do a few things to keep your bag dry while traveling in a truck bed or the back of an SUV.

Use a tarp

Tarping your truck bed is the best way to keep the luggage dry since tarps are designed to keep water out.

To tarp your truck bed:

  • Lay down a tarp over the whole thing.

  • Put baggage on top of it.

  • Close the tailgate and drive around with everything inside that’s covered by the tarp!

use a plastic bag

You can use a plastic bag to keep your luggage dry in the truck bed. It will work for a short period, but eventually the water will seep in, and you’ll have wet clothes. Here’s how to do it:

  • Seal the bag with duct tape or electrical tape. This will keep water out so that your clothes stay dry longer than if they were resting on top of other items in your car or truck bed.

  • Use bungee cords (or rope) to secure the plastic bag around its contents so that when it rains and gets windy outside, everything inside stays protected from getting wet.

use a rainfly

  • Use a rainfly. This is the easiest and most affordable solution to keeping your luggage dry in your truck bed. A rain fly is essentially a tarp that covers the entire truck bed and can be used to keep things dry, whether or not it’s raining. It’ll also help keep your belongings safe from snow; if you have a thin layer of snow on top of your vehicle but the ground underneath is wet, the tarp will protect everything below while letting water flow off of it without letting moisture into the bed itself.

  • Line up some plastic bags with duct tape. This makes for an easy-to-use system where you duct tape each bag to whatever item needs protecting inside its baggie before placing it in your truck bed. Then all you have to do when it starts raining or snowing is pull out one bag at a time and hold onto it while driving home so that nothing gets wet!

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There are several ways to accomplish this.

There are three main ways to keep your luggage dry. The first is to use a tarp, the second is to use a plastic bag, and the third is to use a rainfly.

While tarps can be effective, they may not work well with all types of cargo. It’s also important that you make sure that your tarp doesn’t touch any part of the truck bed, or else it won’t be able to protect your things from water damage.

Plastic bags are easy and cheap, but they only do so much to keep things dry during intense periods of rain or snowfall. They’re also harder to store than tarps and rain flies once you’re done using them, which means more hassle when it comes time for packing up after leaving campgrounds or hotels (if applicable).


There are several ways to accomplish this, but consider the climate you will be driving through. A tarp could work well if it is not too windy, and a rain fly may be more useful if you are planning a trip in the rainy season. If your vehicle has a cover over it, plastic bags or tarps may not be needed. In any case, remember that moisture can cause damage to your luggage, so do what works best for you!



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