Hey there! If you’re someone who always travels with a carry-on bag, this article is for you.

Ever wondered if it’s possible to check in your carry on luggage? I’m here today to answer that question and provide some helpful tips so you can make the best decision when deciding whether or not you should check in your carry on.

So let’s get started!

What To Consider Before Checking Your Carry On

I’m always on the go and I know that checking in my carry-on luggage can be a drag. With all of the security measures at airports, it’s important to make sure you’re following the rules when it comes to packing your bag.

Before I check in my carry-on, I consider these two things: size restrictions and prohibited items.

When it comes to size restrictions, most airlines require passengers to keep their bags within certain dimensions. These vary by airline, so it’s important to do some research before traveling. My general rule is that if my bag won’t fit inside an overhead compartment without having to lift up or force down the lid – then it’s too big!

Prohibited items are also something to be mindful of when packing for a flight. Most countries have laws about bringing weapons and other dangerous materials onboard an aircraft. It’s best practice to double-check what items are allowed through airport security so there aren’t any surprises during your travels.

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Following these tips helps me ensure that I’m compliant with all regulations while still being able to bring everything I need for my trip!

Benefits Of Checking Your Carry On

I love being able to check my carry on; it’s so convenient!

Not only can I avoid lugging it around the airport, but it also saves me from having to worry about it getting lost.

Plus, the extra security that comes with having it checked is an added bonus.

Not to mention, it can actually save me money, since I don’t have to pay for checked baggage fees.

Checking my carry on has become a no-brainer for me when I’m traveling.

It’s definitely a worthwhile investment!


I’m sure you’ve experienced the hassle of carrying a heavy carry-on bag through an airport. It can be such a pain to lug it around, especially when your flight is delayed and you have to wait for hours!

One great benefit of checking in your carry-on luggage at the airport is that it makes traveling much more convenient. You don’t need to worry about having enough room in overhead compartments or any other bag limits set by airlines; all you need to do is drop off your belongings with airport security and they’ll take care of the rest.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about waiting forever in line just to get on board either – most airports now offer express check-in services so that you don’t waste time before takeoff. What’s even better? You won’t have to stress over carrying anything while navigating through customs or making connecting flights!

Checking in your carry-on luggage may cost some extra money upfront but I think it’s worth every penny for a smoother journey.


When it comes to checking in your carry-on luggage, security is a huge factor. You want to make sure that all your belongings are safe and secure until you get to your destination. That’s why I always recommend packing strategically – for example, keep any valuables or important documents close to you at all times. This way, if anything gets lost or stolen while traveling, the most valuable items will still be on hand.

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Plus, many airlines offer additional insurance plans that can help cover any costs associated with lost or damaged luggage; this might cost extra money upfront but it could save you lots of hassle later down the line!

Another thing to consider when debating whether or not to check in your bag is the luggage fees charged by certain airports. While they vary from place to place, these charges can quickly add up if you’re not careful. To avoid paying too much for checked baggage, try researching different airport policies ahead of time so you know what kinds of fees apply before leaving home.

Overall, there are a number of benefits that come along with checking in your carry-on luggage: convenience, security and cost savings being just some of them! It takes a bit of planning and research beforehand but trust me – once you’ve experienced how easy (and affordable!) it is to travel with fewer things on hand, you’ll never look back!


When it comes to cost savings, checking in your carry-on luggage is definitely a wise choice.

Not only can you save money by avoiding extra fees caused by overpacking or exceeding weight limits, but you can also compare prices between different airlines and choose one that offers the best deal.

Plus, if you research ahead of time and familiarize yourself with airline policies regarding checked baggage, then you’ll have an even better chance at finding a price that suits your budget.

All in all, doing a bit of legwork up front could mean big savings for you down the line!

Potential Risks Of Checking Your Carry On

Having already discussed the benefits of checking your carry on, let’s explore some potential risks associated with it.

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First and foremost, if you’re traveling solo, there are certain airline policies that might make this a difficult endeavor. For example, many airlines require two people to check in large pieces of luggage; so if you’re alone and have more than one bag to check in, you may find yourself in an awkward situation.

Furthermore, when checking your carry-on at the ticket counter or baggage drop station, you’ll be giving up control over your personal belongings for a period of time – something that can be nerve-wracking for travelers who value their privacy and security. You won’t know who is handling your bags or what might happen during transit; meaning theft, damage or mishandling could all be possibilities.

Finally, due to restrictions placed on checked items by the TSA (as well as other international regulations), it’s important to double check what is allowed before packing anything away. If any prohibited materials are found inside your checked luggage upon arrival, not only will they be confiscated but you also may incur fines depending on where you’re flying into or out of.

It pays off to read up on these regulations ahead of time!

Airlines That Allow You To Check Your Carry On

It’s a common dilemma for every traveler: you want to bring all your essentials, but don’t want the hassle of checking in luggage. Fortunately, there are many airlines that allow you to check your carry on without having to pay additional charges or fees. Whether it be packing tips or avoiding overweight fees, I’m here to provide an overview of which airlines will let you check-in your carry on at no extra cost.

Let’s start off with American Airlines and their generous policy towards checked bags. They offer two free checked bags per person – up to 50 pounds each – when you fly domestically. Plus, they even waive the usual $25 fee if you need to check a bag that exceeds the weight limit by less than 10lbs! It is important however to know that any item exceeding this allowance may incur an additional charge.

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On top of this, Southwest Airlines also offers complimentary checked baggage as part of their fares! Passengers can check two items under 50 lbs each – one personal item and one standard sized bag – absolutely free of charge when flying within the US (including Puerto Rico). If you’ve got more belongings or heavier ones, they too could potentially be subject to additional fees depending on the size and weight allowances set out by Southwest themselves.

All these options make it easy for travelers like us to maximize what we take with us while still being able to enjoy comfortable journeys without breaking our wallets.

So whether it’s for business trips or leisurely holidays; why not save yourself some money and consider taking advantage of these airline policies?

Tips For Safely Checking Your Carry On

I always get a bit nervous when I’m checking in my carry on luggage. It’s important to make sure that everything is packed properly and securely so it will pass the airline’s policies.

Here are some of my top packing tips for safely checking your carry on:

– First, ensure you’re aware of the size restrictions for carry-on bags set by the airlines. Some have very specific measurements, so double check to make sure that your bag meets their requirements before heading off to the airport.

– Secondly, pack strategically – place heavier items at the bottom of your bag and lighter items at the top. This helps maintain balance when you’re carrying your bag around.

– Finally, keep all liquids or gels in containers no larger than 3 ounces and store them together in one quart plastic bag.

Checking in my carry on can be stressful but these simple tips help me prepare and stay organized while traveling!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Size And Weight Restrictions Are There For Checked Carry-On Luggage?

When it comes to packing and carrying checked baggage, there are size and weight restrictions you’ll need to consider.

Generally speaking, the size of your carry-on bag should not exceed 22′ x 14′ x 9′, and any items that do must be checked in.

Additionally, each airline will impose their own limits on total weight as well as individual item weights – usually ranging from 40-50 lbs for a single suitcase.

When in doubt, always check with your airline about what’s allowed before heading out!

Is There An Additional Fee For Checking In Carry-On Luggage?

Yes, there is typically an additional fee for checking in carry-on luggage.

Airlines usually have restrictions on the size and weight of bags that can be taken onto the plane as a carry-on item.

If your bag exceeds these limits you’ll need to check it into the hold, which usually incurs an extra cost.

It’s important to take note of any bag size and weight restrictions before travelling so you don’t get caught out by unexpected charges at the airport.

Are There Any Items That Are Not Allowed To Be Checked In Carry-On Luggage?

When checking in carry-on luggage, it’s important to pay attention to the security measures put in place and what items are allowed.

Generally speaking, any item that could pose a safety or security risk is not allowed and must be stored elsewhere such as checked baggage. This includes:

– sharp objects like knives, scissors and sporting goods with blades

– flammable liquids like paint thinners and lighter fluid

– firearms and ammunition

– explosives including fireworks

– tools greater than 7 inches long

– chemicals (like bleach)

– aerosol cans containing pressurized gas.

It’s also best practice to pack your carry-on bags strategically so they can easily fit into overhead compartments, which will help make boarding easier for you and other passengers.

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Does Checking In Carry-On Luggage Guarantee That It Will Arrive At The Same Time As The Passenger?

When it comes to packing tips and safety precautions for checking in your carry-on luggage, you may be wondering if it will arrive at the same time as you do.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always guaranteed – while some airlines will ensure that your checked in bag makes it on the same flight, there’s no guarantee that it won’t get delayed or misplaced somewhere along the way.

To reduce the risk of this happening, make sure to check with your airline ahead of time and see what their policies are when it comes to checking in carry-on items.

Are There Any Specific Regulations For International Flights Regarding Checked Carry-On Luggage?

When traveling internationally, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the regulations for checked carry-on luggage.

You’ll need to know what the bag limits are, and have a few packing tips in mind.

It may vary from airline to airline, so make sure that you check ahead of time what their exact requirements are.

Generally speaking, your carry-on items should be limited to one small piece of luggage and one personal item such as a purse or laptop bag.

Be aware that some airlines prohibit certain items like liquids and sharp objects from being taken on board, so plan accordingly!


Overall, checking in carry-on luggage is a great way to ensure that your items arrive at the same time as you do.

Before deciding to check in your carry-on luggage though, it’s important to make sure it meets size and weight restrictions, that any additional fees are taken into account, and that there are no prohibited items inside.

Additionally, if you’re planning to take an international flight with checked carry-on luggage, be sure to look up regulations specific for that airline or destination first.

Checking in my carry-on luggage has been a lifesaver on many occasions—I highly recommend giving it a try!