As experts in travel, we understand the importance of finding the perfect accommodation for a stress-free and enjoyable trip. That’s why we highly recommend the Best Western Plus Suitcase Paris La Defense for your next visit to Paris.

This hotel offers a comfortable and stylish stay, conveniently located near popular attractions and transportation links. The rooms are spacious and modern, with amenities such as air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, and free Wi-Fi. Additionally, the hotel boasts a fitness center, a bar, and a restaurant that serves delicious French cuisine.

The staff is welcoming and attentive, ensuring that your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Overall, we highly recommend the Best Western Plus Suitcase Paris La Defense for its excellent location, comfortable rooms, and outstanding amenities. So, book your stay today and experience the best of Paris in style and comfort.


✅  Affordable price.

✅  Durable and water-resistant.

✅  It has a lot of storage space for your camera and other accessories.


⭕  It is not recommended for traveling because it is not lightweight.


✅ Great price for a 4-piece set

✅ Lightweight but durable

✅ Spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver in airports and on cobblestone streets

✅ Smaller pieces are great for weekend trips


⭕ TSA lock is a little flimsy

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✅ No more juggling your luggage and your purse/wallet.

✅ You can take it anywhere.


⭕ It might not fit in every bag.


✅ This luggage is super lightweight, so you can lug it around with ease.

✅ The spinner wheels make it easy to push and pull the luggage, even over uneven terrain.


⭕ The softside design means that if you pack heavy items or stack them too high, they might deform the shape of the bag.


This hotel is a standard Western Plus and is located close to the main subway line, making travel easy.

Question: Is this hotel safe?

Yes, this hotel is safe. You can trust that the location is secure and the staff is friendly and helpful. A security guard is on duty at night to ensure you’re safe when you return to your room after dark. The lobby has CCTV cameras to monitor anyone entering or leaving the hotel.

The hotel is located in a safe area of the city, and there are security guards on duty 24 hours a day.

There are also CCTV cameras in public areas, like the lobby, so you can see who’s coming and going at any time.

The hotel has safes in every room for your valuables and a security guard at the entrance to ensure that nobody sneaks into your room while you’re sleeping or away from it.

Question: Is there a metro stop nearby?

Yes. The hotel is next to the metro stop and can get you anywhere in Paris in under 30 minutes.

  • The hotel is located in the center of Paris. It’s very convenient to travel around Paris.
  • Using the metro allows you to go to any tourist attractions in Paris easily and quickly. The nearest metro station is beside our hotel, so you don’t have to walk far from your room to get on the train.
  • The airport is located at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport, which is 20 miles away from our hotel, but there are many buses and trains that will take you there quickly and safely from us.
  • Yes, it is! You can also use Uber or a taxi if you want them instead of taking public transportation such as the subway or bus because they are more expensive but still cheaper than renting a car for hours at specific destination points like Versailles Palace, where entrance fees cost around 30 euros per person with half day ticket included inside the garden area only which should be visited carefully by everyone who wants go there.
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After all, there isn’t much time left before sunset when all gates close automatically until the next morning opening time – 9:00 AM (CET).

However, if anyone wants to visit inside palace building itself, then they need to buy different kind of ticket costing 60 euros per person including entrance fee plus guide service charge depending how much time spent inside building itself (usually around 1 hour).

Question: What is the cost of internet access?

  • It was free. The hotel does not have wireless internet access in the rooms, but there is a free internet cafe on the ground floor. You can also use their computers in the lobby or restaurant to get online while eating or hanging out in the lounge.
  • They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner at reasonable prices (about USD 3). The food is pretty good too!

It was free. Free internet is available for guests at all times, inside and outside the hotel. This includes the lobby, which has wifi hubs with chairs and outlets for charging phones or laptops.

The rooms have a few options: wired ethernet connections that are compatible with older laptops, netbooks that require an adapter to connect to an HDMI cable, and newer MacBooks (and other computers) that use USB-C cables.

Question: Does anyone have room service or know how much it costs?

The hotel cannot provide room service, but there are various options for getting food from outside. The cost of eating out in the area will vary depending on what you order and where you’re eating.

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This hotel is a standard Western Plus and is located close to the main subway line, making travel easy. There are many restaurants, bars, and attractions within walking distance of it.

One great thing about this hotel is that it is located on the top floor of a department store, so you can get there early in the morning before they open their doors. This gives you access to some pretty good deals on clothes and shoes. The only downside to this is that there aren’t any elevators, so if you have heavy bags or mobility issues, it might not be right.

This hotel is a pretty standard Western Plus and is located very close to a main subway line making travel easy.


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