The biggest online retailer in the world is, as we all know, Amazon. They provide a wide range of goods, including books, apparel, gadgets, and more.

We’ll be looking at the top 10 best suitcase for checked luggage models available on Amazon in 2023 in this post.

You’ll want to get your hands on some of the fantastic things that are available, I can assure you of that.



✅  Lightweight

✅  TSA lock

✅  Spinner wheels

✅  Durable hardshell construction


⭕  None



✅ Lightweight

✅ Durable

✅ Softside design makes it more comfortable to carry


⭕ Expensive



✅ This luggage is made with high-quality materials, so it will last a long time.

✅ It’s lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about adding to your luggage weight.

✅ It expands easily, which makes packing more convenient.


⭕ The price is a bit higher than some other options, but it’s worth it for the quality of this product.



✅ Holds a ton of stuff

✅ Spinner wheels work great

✅ It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver

✅ Soft, scratch-free lining on the inside


⭕ The zippers are made of plastic, which I worry will break down over time

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Should I use a hard- or soft-sided suitcase?

If you’re looking for the strongest, most durable suitcase on the market, then a hard-sided model is what you want. These suitcases are more expensive than soft-sided models and can be a bit heavier as well, but they’re ideal if you frequently travel by car or train or if you’re flying with an airline that doesn’t offer large carry-on size limits.

Hard-shell suitcases protect your belongings from impact damage like dings and scratches. If you prefer to fly with your luggage checked rather than carrying it onto planes, consider purchasing one of these cases instead of their fabric counterparts because they will be much less likely to get damaged during transit.

Should I buy an expandable suitcase?

Expansible suitcases are great because they give you the option to pack more stuff, but they can be hard to close when full. This is because most expandable suitcases have zippers that open from the side rather than from top to bottom.

The ZAMST Expandable Rolling Upright Suitcase is a good example of this style; its zippers open from the side, so if you try and force your luggage closed with an overstuffed interior, it will be difficult or impossible without assistance.

If you want to travel light but still need room for extras like souvenirs or gifts for friends back home, buying an expandable suitcase may be ideal for you. However, keep in mind that these types of suitcases will almost always cost more than regular ones usually around $50–100 more than comparable non-expandable options depending on size, brand, etc. and they can only be used as checked bags on flights (not carry-on).

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Should I get a spinner or a non-spinner?

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for. If durability is your top priority, we recommend getting a spinner. Spinner models are also easier to maneuver than non-spinners, which is perfect if you plan on using your luggage frequently while traveling.

Non-spinner suitcases are the best choice if weight is your main concern. They tend to be lighter than their spinner counterparts because their wheels aren’t as heavy or large as those on spinners, which makes them great for travelers who want to cut down on their baggage weight when flying or taking public transportation with their luggage in tow.

How much luggage can I bring?

  • One carry-on bag and one checked bag, plus a personal item (e.g., purse or backpack).
  • Children under the age of 18 may travel with no more than two (2) pieces of luggage in total (one carry-on and one checked).
  • If you are traveling with only one piece of luggage, it must be a personal item such as a purse, briefcase, or laptop case.

Will the airline lose my luggage?

If you lose your luggage, the airline will reimburse you for the value of your luggage. You may have purchased insurance to cover more than just this, but it’s a good idea to ask about coverage before buying if your bag is lost, they’ll reimburse you up to whatever amount of money was on the insurance policy.

The airline should also pay for any hotel and meal expenses while you’re stranded as a result of their mistake. If it takes a long time for them to find your bag or if there are no other flights available at all that day or night, then they should also pay for transportation home so that nothing keeps you from getting back safely as soon as possible!

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What do I do if my checked bag is lost?

  • Call the airline.
  • Keep your luggage tags and contact information with you at all times (and don’t forget to tag all of your bags).
  • Don’t get angry it’s an inconvenience, but it could happen to anyone. If your bag is lost, keep calm and have a backup plan for your trip.

Always have important documents and items packed in your carry-on!

  • Keep all important documents in your carry-on.
  • Keep a copy of your passport in your carry-on.
  • Keep a copy of your travel insurance policy in your carry-on.
  • Keep a copy of your boarding pass in your carry-on


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