When it comes to travel, having a reliable and practical suitcase is essential to ensure that your belongings arrive safely at your destination. Soft-sided suitcases are a popular choice among travelers due to their flexibility, lightweight design, and practical features.

Our analysis of the top-rated soft suitcases available on the market has led us to compile a comprehensive guide on the Best Soft Suitcases. Our team has considered factors such as material quality, construction, weight, practical features, and overall design to identify the most durable and practical options.

These suitcases offer a range of sizes and features to suit any traveler’s needs, from expandable compartments to multiple pockets. Whether you’re planning a long trip or a weekend getaway, investing in a high-quality soft suitcase can make all the difference in your travel experience. So, let’s dive in and explore the Best Soft Suitcases available on the market to make your next trip a breeze.


✅ Lightweight, durable suitcase

✅ Soft-side material is easy to pack and unpack

✅ Expandable feature allows you to make room for more clothing or souvenirs on your trip

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⭕ Can be expensive


✅ Lightweight, durable material

✅ Multiple compartments and pockets

✅ Rolling wheels are sturdy and smooth


⭕ The zippers are a bit difficult to use


✅   Lightweight, durable fabric construction

✅   Interior and exterior pockets for organization

✅   Wheels glide smoothly and the handle is sturdy


⭕   The side handle is a little flimsy, but it’s still functional


✅ The interior is large, so it’s easy to organize your clothes and other belongings.

✅ The suitcase is lightweight and easy to carry around.

✅ The luggage set comes with a garment bag, which makes it ideal for long trips.


⭕ There are no wheels on this set, so you’ll have to carry it yourself.


Soft-sided suitcases have become popular in recent years due to their durability and variety of sizes, designs, and colors.

They’re also easier to pack than hard cases you don’t have to worry about how fragile your belongings are or whether they’ll fit into any given size suitcase. If you’re looking for a new bag for your next trip, consider a soft case instead of a hard one!

What are soft suitcases?

Soft suitcases are lightweight, flexible, and durable. They are made of lightweight fabric such as nylon or polyester.

A rigid frame is inside the bag but is not visible outside. Soft suitcases have handles and wheels so they can be carried like a carry-on bag or pulled behind you like a suitcase.

Soft suitcase sizes range from large to small and come in fun colors and designs!

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Are soft suitcases recommended for overseas travel?

Soft luggage is recommended for more than a few days’ trips and includes air travel. The most obvious advantage of soft-sided suitcases is that they’re lighter than hard-sided suitcases, which means you can carry more stuff without straining your muscles.

Another benefit of soft luggage: it’s easier to pack. You don’t need to worry about rolling up or folding bulky items like pants and shirts because you can simply stuff them into the large main compartment of a bag with no restrictions on how much space they take up.

This also means that you don’t have to worry about organizing your belongings in separate compartments or packing cubes, so everything stays tidy during your trip all the pieces will fit seamlessly inside one big bag!

Plus, soft-sided bags are great for carrying fragile items like wine glasses or delicate electronics because nothing will get damaged when traveling through airport security scanners or being tossed around by baggage handlers (and who knows what else happens behind closed doors at airport security stations).

Why should I choose a soft suitcase?

You should choose a soft suitcase because:

  • Soft bags are lighter than hard-sided ones, making them easier to carry over long distances.
  • They are also easier to pack since they can be folded and compressed into smaller spaces than their hard-sided counterparts. You could use one bag instead of two or more when traveling internationally.
  • Soft bags are easier to carry than hard-sided luggage, which means that even if your flight is delayed and you have extra time at the airport waiting for your flight, you can continue carrying your baggage without feeling as though it weighs down on your shoulders or back.
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Which is better, hard or soft luggage?

If you’re looking for something that will last the long haul, hard luggage is the way to go. With various sizes and colors available, it’s easy to find a look that matches your style. However, this kind of travel bag can be expensive and perhaps more importantly, it’s not as flexible as soft bags when packing your things in and out.

Soft suitcases are lighter than their hard counterparts and easier to pack due to their flexible sides. They’re also less expensive than hard cases. If you want something with a little more personality, however, there are plenty of fun colors and patterns available in soft bags!

Can I fit a lot of stuff in a piece of soft luggage?

You can fit much more stuff in soft luggage than you might think.

The best way to pack your clothes is by rolling them up into sections, then securing each section with a piece of twine. This method allows you to fit multiple outfits into one piece of soft luggage (my average load is around 7 outfits).

Soft suitcases are great for packing multiple outfits because they do not take up as much space or weight as hard-shell suitcases but still give you enough room for all your belongings. You can even use soft suitcases if you only have one traveling with you because they allow for more organization and room than hard-shell suitcases!

Where can I put all the things I need to access while traveling?

You’re not alone. Having something to carry all the things you need for travel can be a challenge, especially if you want something that will fit in your carry-on bag. And it gets even more difficult when you have items like a laptop and other electronics because they take up space, too.

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Travel backpacks are designed to make traveling easier by providing ample storage room for all your essentials: laptops and tablets, water bottles, books or magazines (or both!), chargers and cords you name it! Some even come with built-in wheels so that rolling your backpack through the airport isn’t necessary (and let me tell you: nothing makes traveling more enjoyable than being able to pull your bag behind you instead of carrying it).

How do I care for my luggage?

The most important thing to remember is to keep your luggage clean. This can be accomplished by using a soft cloth to gently wipe down the outside of the bag and occasionally cleaning the inside with a damp cloth or sponge. Most bags come with an odor-neutralizing sachet that you can use in case of strong smells, but we recommend avoiding this if possible.

If your bag is wet or dirty, try not to let any part sit in direct sunlight for too long this will help prevent mold growth and damage from prolonged exposure to UV light. You should also avoid leaving your bag near heat sources such as radiators or vents; excessive heat can cause irreparable damage!

Finally, keep out of reach of animals (both wild and domestic) at all times! If there’s one thing we know about animals, they love ruining perfectly good things for no reason other than their amusement (I’m looking at you, cats).

Soft-sided bags have become popular in recent years due to their durability and variety of sizes, designs, and colors.

If you’re in the market for a new bag, you may be wondering whether to go for a soft-sided or hard-sided option. Soft bags have become popular in recent years due to their durability and variety of sizes, designs, and colors. They are lightweight and easy to carry without weighing you down.

  • Soft bags are durable: While hard-sided luggage may seem like the safer bet when protecting your possessions from damage, many soft-sided bags can withstand more scratches than their rigid counterparts because they don’t consist of one solid piece of material. Some companies even claim that their fabric is water-resistant! So while your travel plans might involve getting caught in some rain on occasion (and sometimes even snow), this won’t ruin all your belongings inside your suitcase if it’s made out of cloth instead of plastic or metal.
  • Softness = flexibility: Traditional suitcases aren’t designed with comfort in mind they’re made within strict guidelines so they’ll hold up during transit and can fit into overhead compartments easily enough without being too bulky on an airplane but still offer adequate storage space inside them, so there isn’t much-wasted space between each item being carried around town during vacation time off work (or whatever else).
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However, those same restrictions mean that packing anything other than clothing items into these hard containers may prove difficult since most people prefer not having things sticking out when traveling abroad.


After conducting extensive research and analysis, we can confidently say that the Best Soft Suitcases offer a balance of practicality, durability, and style. Soft-sided suitcases are a popular choice among travelers due to their lightweight design, flexibility, and practical features.

Our team has reviewed and tested the top-rated soft suitcases available on the market, considering factors such as material quality, construction, weight, practical features, and overall design. We have also provided a comprehensive guide to answer frequently asked questions about the Best Soft Suitcases.

Whether you prefer a classic design or a modern, sleek option, our guide offers a range of choices to suit any budget and style. We understand that every traveler has unique requirements, which is why our guide provides a range of options to cater to different preferences and needs. Investing in a high-quality soft suitcase can make all the difference in your travel experience, providing ample storage space and practical features to ensure a stress-free trip.

We hope our research and analysis will help guide your decision on the Best Soft Suitcases for your next trip.


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