✅ Larger capacity than most hardside spinners

✅ Very lightweight

✅ Great price for the capacity of the bag


⭕ Not as durable as some other bags in this category


✅ The luggage is durable and can hold a lot of stuff.

✅ The wheels are sturdy and easy to pull.


⭕ It’s a bit heavy for kids to carry on their own.


✅ Lightweight and easy to carry

✅ Expandable for extra space

✅ Great size for a carry-on bag

✅ Bigger than you think it is


⭕ The outside pockets are too small to fit much in them


✅ It has a 4-wheeler spinner system, making it easy to roll.

✅ It’s lightweight and sturdy.

✅ The price is decent for a suitcase this size.


⭕ It isn’t as durable as other suitcases we’ve tried. The material is thin, so it isn’t very sturdy when being pushed or pulled around.


We tested the best small rolling suitcases to help you find the right one for your travel needs. We considered how each bag fits your body, and we found the best bags for traveling in Europe, Asia, and beyond.

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How We Tested

We tested a wide range of suitcases, from the ultra-lightweight to the heavy-duty. We took into account durability, price, and weight as well as the needs of different types of travelers from globetrotters who need to fit everything in one bag to business travelers who want a smaller carry-on they can store under an airplane seat.

We also considered different options for travelers looking for specific features such as wheels or handles that extend out further than most other bags.

After taking all these factors into account, we narrowed down our list by rating each suitcase on five criteria: durability (how it stood up to being pulled through airports), ease of packing (how much could be stuffed inside without feeling overly full), comfort (how much does it weigh? ), capacity (can I fit everything I need? ), and style points (does this thing look good?). We then chose 10 finalists and spent two months testing them out before declaring our winner.

Buying a bag that fits your travel needs

There are two things to consider when buying a bag: size and purpose.

If you’re traveling long-term and have lots of clothes, then you’ll need a bigger suitcase. We recommend taking your full set of luggage with you, so if you’re only going away for 4 days and don’t want to pack much, then it doesn’t make sense to buy something that’s too big or heavy if you won’t use it later in life.

If this isn’t the case, then choose a bag that’s just right for your trip!

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Using a travel scale to find the right size

Testing the best small rolling suitcases is a bit more complicated than testing larger ones. The reason for this is that there are so many different sizes of bags to choose from, and each one has its own pros and cons. In order to find out which are the best small rolling suitcases, we’ll have to test each one separately.

To start off with, let’s talk about how we tested our contenders in this category: we weighed them before they were packed and then weighed them again once they were fully packed with clothes, toiletries, electronics, etc.,

Then we subtracted the second weight from the first to get an idea of how much space was left over in each bag’s main compartment after filling it up with everything necessary for a trip anywhere from five days upwards (depending on what kind of trip you’re taking). This may sound like a lot of work, but in reality, it only took us about 15 minutes per bag. That being said, if you need a quick and dirty fix, check out our list below!

Which bags weigh more, men’s or women’s suitcases?

If you’re wondering why men’s bags are usually heavier than women’s, it’s because of the extra padding. Men’s suitcases have more cushioning because their clothes need to be protected from being crushed by the weight of other items packed inside.

Women’s bags tend to have more pockets and compartments for storing small items like jewelry, cosmetics, and toiletries. In fact, this difference in design is one reason why women are more likely than men to choose rolling luggage with spinner wheels that help reduce arm strain during travel.

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Is there a difference between hard- and soft-sided suitcases?

When it comes to small rolling suitcases, there are two main types: soft-sided and hard-sided. The latter offers more protection and durability but is less flexible than the former. Soft-sided suitcases are perfect for traveling with light loads and taking on trips where you don’t need a lot of extra storage space (think: train rides or day trips).

Hard-sided suitcases offer more room for your belongings, but they aren’t as easy to pack or store in tight spaces like cars or overhead bins. If you want to ensure your favorite clothes arrive at their destination safely, then hard-sided models are ideal. However, if you prefer a more compact option that doesn’t take up much space in your trunk or closet when not in use, soft-side models are better suited for you!

How to pack smartly for the price

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to pack for a trip, but sometimes it feels like it misses the mark. The best way to avoid over-stuffing your suitcase is to keep the heaviest items at the bottom and use packing cubes, which help you organize everything inside your bag. You can also use compression bags if you’re carrying more than one piece of luggage or have several people traveling together who want their own space in your larger suitcase.

The process isn’t that difficult: roll or fold clothes (depending on whether they’re wrinkle-resistant), put shoes in a separate bag, and put anything dirty in another it’ll make unpacking much easier when you get home!

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Reviews of small rolling suitcases

It’s important to check the weight of your bag when choosing a suitcase. A 50-pound carry-on bag could be too heavy for you and cause shoulder pain, back pain, or even damage to your spine. If you’re checking a bag, it’s even more important to keep your load under that limit so as not to attract fees from airlines.

If you’re traveling on a budget and can’t afford the $400 price tag of some small rollers, there are ways around getting ripped off: try shopping secondhand or buying from warehouse stores such as Costco or Sam’s Club you may save up to half off retail prices this way!

Also, make sure you pack smartly for the price by bringing only what is absolutely necessary for each trip; if possible, consider splitting up multiple trips into shorter ones so as not to overpack unnecessarily (if this applies).

You might also consider looking into which bags weigh more than others; it turns out men’s suitcases tend towards being heavier than women’s versions because they contain more clothes and  accessories, such as ties, etc.


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