When it comes to air travel, a reliable carry-on bag can be the difference between a smooth and enjoyable trip versus a stressful and chaotic one. That’s why we have conducted extensive research and testing to bring you our guide on the Best Carry-On Bags.

From durable and lightweight materials to practical features like multiple compartments and easy maneuverability, these top-rated carry-on bags are designed to make your travels more efficient and enjoyable. Our investigation has considered factors such as size, weight, durability, and additional features to help you choose the perfect carry-on bag for your needs.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or simply embarking on a weekend getaway, our guide to the Best Carry-On Bags has got you covered. So, let’s dive in and explore the top-rated options to make your next trip stress-free and enjoyable.


✅ Expandable, allowing you to fit more in your luggage.

✅ Strong, durable material makes this an excellent piece of luggage.


⭕ Because it is expandable, it can be heavy when full.


✅ It’s expandable!

✅ It rolls.

✅ It’s affordable.


⭕ The wheels sometimes roll crookedly, which makes it hard to control the luggage.

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✅ The suitcase is lightweight and very easy to carry.

✅ It has a TSA lock which makes it secure.

✅ This luggage is durable and strong, so you can use it for a long time.


⭕ The color is not of my taste.


✅ The luggage is lightweight and easy to roll.

✅ The zippers are sturdy and make opening the suitcase easy.

✅ The luggage is expandable and has plenty of room.


⭕ The handle can be difficult to pull out if you’re not careful, as it’s not attached very securely.


We all know that traveling light is the best way to travel. But it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and start packing for every trip like you’re moving your whole house.

The truth is that you can bring just about everything you need for a weekend away in a carry-on bag, so long as you plan ahead and are strategic about what goes inside. When I’m planning trips, I always have one question: “Will this be useful on another trip?” If not, then it’s probably not worth taking with me at all (especially if it’s something big).

Here are my best tips for packing light and avoiding overpacking mistakes:

How to pack a carry-on bag for a weekend

  • Pack a small bag. You should pack a carry-on suitcase or at least something that’s easily portable. If you want to bring your luggage on the plane with you, make sure it’s small enough to fit under your seat in front of you and still be comfortable for traveling.
  • Bring only the essentials. Only bring things that are truly necessary for the trip you’ll be able to find almost everything else that you need at your destination, whether that’s toiletries or clothing items. Remember: less is more!
  • Leave bulky stuff at home if possible bbulky items take up space in your bag and may not even be worth taking anyway, especially if they’re heavy objects like hardcover books or electronics (try not to bring these unless they’re absolutely necessary).
  • Wear heavy items on your body instead of packing them in your bag tthis will help balance out weight distribution throughout all contents inside the bag itself so nothing feels too heavy on one side or another; also, don’t forget about what might happen if there’s been an accident while flying, so try not to wear anything too valuable either!
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What is the maximum size for a carry-on bag?

We all know how frustrating it is to have to wait for a case to pass through security so that you can remove the contents. This is why the maximum size of your carry-on bag should be no larger than 45 linear inches, and it should weigh no more than 50 pounds (including both itself and its contents, as well as any other items you’re carrying). Additionally, it must fit in an overhead bin on a plane and in the sizer at the gate.

If your bag exceeds these dimensions or weight limits, there are ways to pack carefully so that you can still take advantage of carry-on convenience. If possible, try packing non-breakable things like toiletries into smaller containers and putting them inside your checked luggage instead of taking up space in your carry-on bag;

This will help reduce clutter and keep things organized within both bags simultaneously.

What can I check in my luggage?

Clothing is clothing. Shoes are shoes. Medication is medication (if you need it). Electronics may include laptops, tablets, e-readers, cell phones, and cameras. In general, for security reasons, the more expensive the electronics, the better.

Electronics in your checked luggage can be damaged by rough handling or extreme cold temperatures, so make sure they’re packed properly and protected from damage during transit.

How do I stop overpacking?

  • Pack a carry-on bag. You can never be too prepared for travel, so you should always pack a carry-on bag that contains the essentials for your trip. This will allow you to keep track of all your belongings and easily move through security screening without getting overwhelmed.
  • Only pack the clothing that you need. Do not pack extra outfits or shoes you’ll only make the problem worse! It’s preferable to have clean clothes on hand when you need them rather than unnecessary items taking up space in your suitcase or backpack (not to mention adding weight).
  • Don’t overpack toiletries either! It’s easy to overdo it with shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, and other toiletries during travel because they take up so much space in our bags;
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However, this can lead us to pack more than we need, which is counterproductive since most hotels provide these items anyway (or if not, at least there are stores nearby where guests can buy them).

Also remember that what works for one person will differ from another person with different needs for example, some people prefer using bar soap rather than liquid body wash due to its compactness and ease of use when traveling abroad so find out what works best based on how much space there is left after making sure everything else fits first before deciding whether or not adding extra bottles might help fill up those open spaces after all!

What’s the best way to pack toiletries?

A travel toiletry bag

There are several options for packing toiletries, but the best way to pack them is in a travel toiletry bag. These bags are typically made of nylon and have many pockets on the outside, making it easy to organize your items.

You can also use these bags as an extra carry-on bag or small backpack when you’re not using them for your cosmetics.

What’s the best way to pack clothing?

For the best results, you should pack your clothing in a way that will make it easy to find without needing to unpack everything. We recommend folding your clothes and rolling them up with packing cubes, which are often sold in sets of three (small, medium, and large).

The most important thing when packing is not to forget anything; if you can’t see a specific item at a glance, chances are good that you’re forgetting something.

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When it comes to clothing storage bags and other similar products that claim they’ll save space during travel by sucking out all of the air from inside your luggage or backpack, we recommend avoiding them altogether they tend not to work as well as advertised and could easily be made from materials that aren’t very environmentally friendly.

If these kinds of products interest you anyway (and if so, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting), we would encourage saving some money by buying one secondhand instead of brand new; these items can sometimes be resold after use for roughly half their original cost.

If you’re really serious about maximizing space while traveling light but also want something better than just rolling clothes into tight cylinders and stuffing them into drawers wherever they’ll fit, consider purchasing vacuum-packed compression bags!

These bags have their own built-in vacuum pumps, which keep everything nice and compact until it’s needed again later on.

Should I roll or stack my clothes?

Rolling clothes is better for clothing that needs to be folded. Stacking clothes is better for clothing that needs to be hung or kept together.

For example, when you’re packing a bag and want to keep your shirts stacked in the same order as they are in your closet, it’s easier to do this if they’re not all folded up into little squares. When I’m packing my bags, I tend to roll my tank tops so that they’re easy to pull out of my bag without getting wrinkled.

Any tips on packing shoes?

You should place your shoes in a separate bag and use shoe bags to protect them. The best way to do this is by placing your shoes in the bottom of your suitcase, then using a shoehorn to pack them away.

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If you don’t have any extra space, though, you can just roll up your shoes instead of folding them and place them side by side on top of the rest of your belongings. However, if possible and convenient, bring an extra pair or two just in case!

What’s the best kind of luggage?

When it comes to luggage, there are many factors to consider:

  • How many wheels do you want?

Rolling luggage has become the most popular option because of its ease of use and ability to maneuver in crowded airports easily.

However, if you plan on traveling on rough terrain or carrying your bag a long way (such as up stairs), rolling luggage may not be the best choice for you. Strapping on backpacks or duffel bags can help keep your shoulders healthy and strong!

  • What’s your budget?

Luggage comes in all shapes and sizes, so finding one that fits within your price range should not be too difficult! There are also ways for travelers to save money on their next trip by purchasing used items from stores like Goodwill or

It’s possible to pack everything you need into a small suitcase.

The best piece of advice is to pack light. If you can fit all of your belongings into one suitcase, you’ll have more room in your car and when flying with your luggage. Plus, the less stuff you bring back with you, the less stuff there will be to clean out when it comes time to move out!

However, please be careful not to overpack. You don’t need four pairs of shoes or three bulky jackets for two weeks abroad! It is better to pack too little than too much especially if this trip is part of a longer vacation or if there isn’t a chance for laundry once it’s over.

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If there are any items that are absolutely essential for your trip (an iPad charger, perhaps?) bring them along as carry-on items so they’re never lost or stolen from checked baggage on airplanes!

If you are unsure about what clothing and other resources might be helpful during your stay abroad, ask an upperclassman who has been on similar trips before.

They will know best what things should go into which categories while still fitting into the allotted space in their suitcases, backpacks, or suitscases full of money.


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