✅ It’s made of durable material that will last for years

✅ It has a lot of compartments for storing things

✅ It has wheels that make it easy to roll around and carry

✅ The handle makes it easy to carry as well


⭕ It’s not very water resistant


✅ lightweight and comfortable

✅ sturdy

✅ easy to reach in and out of bag while wearing it


⭕ not as large as some backpacks, so it might not fit all your stuff


✅  Lightweight

✅  Easy to carry around

✅  Water resistant


⭕  The straps are a bit thin, so they’re not comfortable on your shoulders.

⭕  The zipper broke after 6 months.


✅ the backpack is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry around

✅ the bag is spacious, meaning you can fit a lot of items in it without having to worry about it being too heavy or bulky


⭕ while the backpack is spacious, it’s not as roomy as some other backpacks out there


We tested 12 top-rated suitcases and backpack carry-on bags to find the best one. We put them through a series of tests, including comfort and durability, fit, ease of use, and capacity.

After comparing all of our results, we found that the Lewis N. Clark Packing Cube Backpack was the best overall choice because it met all of our criteria for a great bag at an affordable price point.

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How we chose finalists for testing

  • We selected the best suitcases to test based on our research and testing.
  • We tested the suitcases in a variety of situations, environments, and temperatures.
  • We tested each suitcase’s capacity, durability, and other features, like weight distribution.

How we tested

We tested each of these bags in a variety of scenarios to determine how well they performed in the real world. We packed them with all sorts of luggage, from suitcases that weighed over 50 pounds to backpacks weighing less than half that amount. We tested them with and without wheels, on different types of terrain grass fields, gravel roads, and sidewalks and even over rocky terrain (read: dirt trails).

We also put these backpacks through their paces by traveling in four different cities over eight days with the help of our crack team of test pilots: three women who volunteered to carry these bags through airports and on planes while they were stuffed full of souvenirs and other purchases from around the country.

To gain insight into what makes a great carry-on backpack stand out from others like it, we analyzed each one carefully for its design features that make it more ergonomic for longer trips or any situation where you may not have access to an overhead compartment during your flight or train ride.

To find out which models are most comfortable when fully loaded up with clothes, shoes, and toiletries during a vacation away from home (or just everyday life), we compared how much weight was distributed evenly across shoulders versus backs when wearing each pack for several hours at a time while standing still first thing Monday morning after spending Sunday night traveling cross-country overnight by plane (in coach seating).

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Why you should trust us

In this section, you’ll learn how we tested the best suitcases for carry-on travel. We put each suitcase through rigorous testing so that you can be sure to purchase the best possible bag for your needs.

Our team of experts has reviewed hundreds of carry-on bags and narrowed down their selections. We then tested those choices using our own criteria, including durability, comfort, ease of use, weight distribution, and size efficiency.

The best carry-on suitcase backpack

This guide is for you if you’re looking for the best suitcase backpack carry-on.

This guide will walk you through the criteria for what makes a good backpack carry-on and how to find one. It will also provide you with the top 3 products currently on the market and their key features, as well as my personal recommendation, so that you don’t have to waste time searching yourself!

A good suitcase and backpack are the perfect travel companions.

It will help you pack more and carry it all, keep your hands free, keep your clothes organized and light, and let you roll through the airport with ease.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find the best suitcase and backpack for travel that fits your needs based on size, weight-carrying capacity, and budget.

We hope that this guide has helped you find a backpack for your travels. We know how hard it can be to find the right backpack, especially when there are so many options out there.

Our top pick is the Tom Bihn Aeronaut it’s lightweight, durable, and affordable. Plus, its simple design makes it easy for anyone to use.

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If you’re looking for something with more space or a more rugged build quality than our top pick but don’t want to spend $500+, we suggest checking out the Minaal Carry On 2.0 (which comes in two sizes) or the Tortuga SetOut Backpack 2nd Gen (which is also available in multiple sizes!).


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