Having conducted an in-depth investigation, we have determined that the best suitcases for carry-on use are those that offer a combination of durability, functionality, and convenience. Carry-on suitcases are essential for travelers who want to avoid the hassle and cost of checking in luggage, while also ensuring that their belongings are safe and secure during transit.

Our top picks for the best suitcases for carry-on use include options such as the Away Carry-On, which features a hard-shell polycarbonate exterior that is both lightweight and resistant to scratches and scuffs. Its TSA-approved combination lock provides added security, while its four 360-degree spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver through crowded airports and travel destinations. Additionally, the suitcase features a removable laundry bag and compression system to help maximize packing space and keep clothes organized.

Another great option is the Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner, which is made of durable polycarbonate material and features a scratch-resistant exterior. Its spinner wheels and telescoping handle make it easy to move around, while the interior features a divider panel and multiple pockets for organization.

Lastly, the Travelpro Maxlite 5 Lightweight Carry-On Spinner is a budget-friendly choice that still delivers on quality and functionality. Its lightweight and durable exterior, spinner wheels, and adjustable handle make it easy to transport, while the interior is well-designed with a full-length lid pocket and adjustable straps to keep clothes secure.

Overall, the best suitcases for carry-on use should provide travelers with durability, functionality, and convenience, and these options all excel in those areas. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just looking for a reliable carry-on suitcase, these options are sure to meet your needs.

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✅ lightweight and sturdy.

✅ fits in the overhead compartment of most airlines.

✅ easy to maneuver.

✅ holds a lot of stuff.


⭕ it’s kind of big and heavy, so it can be tough to lift up stairs.


✅ Large capacity for a carry-on

✅ Looks sleek and professional

✅ Great for long trips with lots of clothes


⭕ Not great for short trips or travel with only a few items


✅ Durable, high-quality design

✅ Spacious interior to fit all of your needs

✅ Plenty of pockets and compartments to keep everything organized


⭕ Rather heavy for its size


✅ Luggage is lightweight and easy to maneuver

✅ Expandable for extra packing space

✅ Very sturdy and well made

✅ Comes in several different colors


⭕ Not a lot of storage compartments, other than the main compartment

What is the lightest carry-on suitcase?

When it comes to the best suitcases, we’ve always been of the opinion that lighter is better. But why?

  • A lighter suitcase means you’ll carry it more. After all, heavier suitcases can get banged around in airports and train stations and cause back injuries if they’re uncomfortable to carry.
  • So while some may think spending an extra 50 pounds on a “heavy duty” brand of luggage is worth it because of its sturdiness and durability, it doesn’t matter if it hurts to carry.
  • Consider how much luggage costs lighter suitcases are cheaper!
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Depending on where you buy it, a lightweight piece costs £20-£100. Cheaper isn’t always better. Heavy pieces can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds!

Are hard or soft cases better?

Consider how you’ll carry your guitar. Hard casings are stronger and heavier. Soft cases are lighter yet less protective than hard cases.

So if you’re going to carry your guitar by putting it in the back of a car or truck and driving around town, go for the soft case it’ll save space and preserve the instrument (and look nicer).

If you need something more durable or will be carried frequently, choose one of our many hardshell alternatives!

What should I look for in a carry-on bag?

Consider many aspects to pick the appropriate carry-on bag. Your vacation size and luggage should be your first consideration.

If your vacation is only one week and neither of those parameters apply, a compact bag or duffel may be plenty for everything else.

However, if this is a longer trip or there are numerous individuals traveling together and some stuff needs to come along (which nearly always happens), then more alternatives will open up for what kind of backpack works best in such instances.

Material is the second consideration when purchasing baggage because it affects durability and longevity. Leather lasts longer than other materials, so if money is no object, get it!

Don’t neglect fashion after all these considerations! How comfortable will it be to carry whatever we choose?

When choosing a carry on bag, consider the suitcase material, size, weight and ease of use.

The correct size: Your carry-on luggage should hold all your essentials without losing room. Your luggage may not fit in the plane or train overhead compartment. If you’re walking about town, the bag’s weight is as vital as its capacity.

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The correct material: Hard-shell plastic suitcases are heavier than soft-sided luggage but more resistant against sharp edges and other objects in your bag compartments (like pens).

If you’re expecting to spend time outside after arriving at your location with just one piece of luggage, consider getting something made of canvas-like fabric instead because it will rip less when handled forcefully by airport staff!

I hope this article has helped you decide which type of carry-on you want. We can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in the right bag if you’re going to be traveling with one.

It’s not just about comfort or convenience anymore; it’s also an investment in safety and security. So do your research before buying anything!


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